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  1. In new 2.14.706 this bug exist too. Attached .job, .ini and .txt files in archive Defraggler.zip
  2. Hello! 2nd build I look this problem: if settings saved in ini-file and a defragmentation is planned, df.exe create txt log-files with names df.exe.[2_14_705][2013-04-19_22-22].txt If i unmark box "Save settings in ini file", this problem is gone. Text sample:
  3. 1) Dialog 273, Groupbox "Colors" - not localized 2) Please, increase length of string "(e.g. *.zip|*.rar)" in dialog 266 and string "Shutdown system after finishing the task" in dialog 247
  4. Hello! A lot of versions I'm ask to increase length of string "(e.g. *.zip|*.rar)" in dialog 266 - translation is not located, it is necessary to increase manually length.
  5. St@NNer


    Change log: Multi-language support added- note only English in this installer. I did Russian interface dll, put it into folder Lang, but the Speccy does not want to use it. This will be a new version?
  6. "Archives", "Disk Images", "Movie files" - in ini-file
  7. Remained one of localization error: in the dialog 244 does not load translation string for the button "Stop"
  8. -In the "Defrag" tab of options, there are 3 strings that aren't in the Translator : "Archives", "Disk images" and "Movie files". These strings i found in .ini file No fixed bug when saving settings in the ini-file: After adding the files in the category of exceptions (eg, *. rar), then it can not remove it - after restarting the program it again in the exceptions, can only be manually removed from the ini-file.
  9. Windows XP Pro SP3, Windows 7
  10. When the settings are saved to ini file, by adding an exception (eg, *. rar), then it can not be deleted - after restart Defraggler showed again.
  11. Confirm founded, so my founded bug's: 1) Action -> Quick Defrag drive: does not change when you change the language 2) When you defragment the selected files in the file list, "Stop" button text does not change when you change the language (the dialogue 244) 3) Settings -> Options -> General -> Show cleanup drive prompt before defrag: regardless of the state of the dialogue is not shown 4) Since I did not get to see the dialogue clean 269 (although the basket on the disc is not empty), analyzing the resources that are not found in string table (in the DLL, respectively) lines "
  12. Updated my russian translation lang_1049.zip lang_1049.zip
  13. Hello! Thank you for your programs! Found in the new version of the following bug's: 1) The menu item 128 "& Quick Defrag Drive" - does not load localised string from dll 2) When you defragment selected files in the dialog 244 in button "Pause" and "Stop" does not load localised string from dll 3) In the dialog box 235, please increase the width of the button "Defrag" to 80 points 4) In the dialog box 266, please increase to the right edge of the length of the label "(eg *. zip | *. rar)" 5) In the dialog 250 heading "Advanced" does not change size when localised string from dll loa
  14. In attachment - full russian translation (all 235 strings) for new version 1.5.111 lang_1049.dll lang_1049.dll
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