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  1. Hi I'm new to CCleaner and would like to take advantage of the program by completely cleaning my system, I've read the guide but am still not sure about the registry tab. Could somebody kindly explain by using the registry tab option what exactly would be removed from my system. Just wouldn't want to delete anything that can't be retrieved.. Thank you Musicmad
  2. Thanks to davey, and to everyone! else, appreciated. Cheers Musicmad
  3. Thank you sockdown, i appreciate your help... Cheers Musicmad
  4. didn't really help much, never mind, i will search on othere forums for the answers Thank you! all for your help anyway.. Musicmad
  5. Hi Andavari, i do appreciate your help in replying to my post and even though the help guide explaines the basics, i am still unsure if to hit run cleaner on certain sections. For example: Last download location...what is it?? Delete index.dat files... what are they?? Recent documents... what are they?? Windows log files... what are they?? Run in start menu... what is it?? In selecting these options, what would be the result??? Sorry! i'm pretty new to the computers. Thanks Musicmad
  6. Hi sockdown thanks for your feedback, i've noticed on the applications tab with CCleaner, it gives you options with installed programmes, my being for example Nero burning rom.. dvd shrink.. Window media player.. Norton anti virus.. etc.. Does this mean CCleaner will delete these programmes from the system or just cleane them???
  7. Hi just installed CCleaner, read the help guide but still unsure what to do, when it gives me the option (recent documents & temporary files), i'm thinking its going to wipe out all my data, because in these folders i have important stuff. i just want to give my PC a good blitzin! right through, i know there are options but still unsure, can anyone help??? Thanks Musicmad
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