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  1. Hi all! You've been very quiet. Not to matter. I am almost at the end of my troubles. No guns involved either. After trying to reinstall software and getting permission denied but no key listing I decided to try a bigger bat. Found a website that had a routine for the switches for subinACL.exe Ran it and got into deeper trouble. Lost most of the desktop, the toolbar, the internet, just about everything. Couldn't get to regedt32 since the toolbar wouldn't work, couldn't get to command either. The top level administrator account was similarly affected. Looked like a full re
  2. Hi all, Thanks for the discussion. There is some progress to report. I downloaded and ran Dial-A-Fix as noted above but was not able to make permission changes that would stick. I would pick the checkbox for full control, hit apply, then ok thinking it worked. Reentering the permission window would show no changes. What I found is that your username needs to have ownership of the key to make permission changes. Click start run enter regedt32. Navigate to the affected key. Right click on the key?s folder. You will get a message that states you do not have permission t
  3. Hi all! Thanks for the responses. Davey - I think I'd rather take a sharp stick in the eye than put Nero back on the system. I'll try some other things first. Krit86lr - My CD/DVD reader is working fine. No yellow warnings in Device Manager. I can scan disks in the drive no problem. I believe the problem is in the registry. If Nero had permissions locked up, those settings might not have been corrected when CCleaner ripped it out. I found a command line program called subinacl.exe, from MicroSoft, that supposedly lets one adjust permissions, but the switches are complex
  4. Hi all, I'm in deeper than I want to go and life is too short for this stuff! I recently upgraded my desktop pc with a Sony CD/DVD reader/burner. It came bundled with software from Nero that included a little bugger called Nero Scout. Nero Scout is an indexing program that installs itself into machine memory then takes as much cpu time as it can. 97 to 98% It is about as helpful as a virus. Needless to say, computer performance was nil. It would not be deleted from memory with task manager and when I finally went to Add/Remove Programs in Control Panel it would not uninstall.
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