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  1. Well I suspected it was something to do with FF, however the problem was never 100% of the time even though FF preloader is in startup. I just dumped the FF preloader, and in fairness, it hardly makes much difference in terms of loading time, probably because of the wonderful Windoze prefetch. I can see the benefit in not clearing FF caches even though I do have a shortcut icon within the browser to do just that. Did I read that FF now has a 25% market share? Anybody know which file in particular causes the problem?
  2. I've been using CCleaner for a few months now and I have updated to the latest version. Ever since using it, the same problem has occured, something weird happens to my web browser pages after running the cleaner; I have to reboot to correct it. Nowadays, I run CCleaner just before shutting down for the night so it doesn't impact upon me, but I thought you might like to know. I am enclosing two shots, before and after for your comparison and hopefully a fix to this bug (is it a Firefox thing?).
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