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  1. A special thanks to everyone for all your help. I'v learned alot and found new friends , so not all was bad. I use regedit , because I want to remove all of the program, which add & remove will not do.I will be sure I start there first, and back up regestry next time.I also will be carefull and not let google install its tool bar on my pc. I'm sure I wasn't deleting the way i'm suposed to but I have deleted many programs that way, this time it back fired , I guess. I want to add one more thing and then this issue is over. The week before I deleted yahoo the same way with out any problems, exactly the same way I did google.Enough of that, I think its over done.One more time a very sencere thank you to all on the forum.Im a Cherokee indian ,and I have asked the spirits to reward each one of you for your help and kindness.(GrayBear) gandorwig
  2. I hate to ask a dunb question.Your knowledge of the coputer amazes me, and a'm a little intemadated by this, but i'm going to ask any way.How do i know if I down loaded your thread successfuly. Thank you!! (gandorwig)
  3. I usaly use add & remove. I will next time . Thanks
  4. This would not work, but I realy thank you for you imput. I have done lots of system restores, but this time it would not work. There was some kind of warning, but I do not remember exactly what it was.Just know it scared me ,and so I did not pursue that. I have recovered with my dell cd in past, so I went with that. Every thing is back to normal I hope, it seems to be .Thanks again
  5. I am over whelmed by so many responces, and I want to let everyone know that I appreciate this, but i'm not sure I can anser everyones questions. I' not sure where I down loaded CCleaner. I have been using CCleaner for a long time. I was inorging the google tool bar ,and only decided to delete it after a friend said he thought it was causing problems. Since I was not using google or the tool bar I decided to delete all of google. I have deleted programs like yahoo and even google in the past with no problems. I like to keep my pc lean ,and if i'm not using programs ,I delete them. This is what I did. I typed in google in find after going to regedit.I kept pressing f3 and delete until it told me search complete,and could not find any more google intries. Next I went to search all files and typed in google.I deleded every thing . Iwas down to the last google entry,and excess was denied. This always happens. There is always one or two entrys that won't delete. usally after I restart my pc ,I can delete them. I powered down ,and as I was doing this google flased in my windows exployer(files and folders).Thats when all hxxx broke lose. I could not get to restore system. It gave me warning and said it would not restore. Last know was also messed up.Could not get on internet , could not get to restore , last know was not good.I decided to use my cd that came with my pc. That worked just fine, and i'm now back where i was. This is all I know . I'm not a computer expert , but I know when its broke, and it was broke. I wish that I was smarter,and could anser your questions better. I hope this helps. i'm retired so I have plenty of time if you have more questions for me , I use internet exployer 7 ie7. My home page is MSN. I have used CCleaner a long time and also regseeker. I have never had one single problem. I use avg,and windows deffender. I realy hope i'm not abusing or causing problems.I have learned that there are some caring people out there, and so the expierience was good for me. Thank you very much everyone. I choose this one to reply on ,but want to thank everyone that responded to me
  6. I have windows xp , internet exployer 7,dell 3000, I use msn for browser avg and winow deffender.l have CCleaner, regseeker. I know i'm not an expert, but when I deleted the last file on google, my pc was unuseable. I could not get on internet , would not let me use system restore point, my desk top was in a total mess. It was a total mess. and the last know was just the same.Im 70 years old and not the sharpest computer genuis, but I know what I saw. I can think of no reason why google would do that, but it happened, and I can not see any other reason for my problem. I know i'm going to catch alot of flack for saying this, but I am going to tell my story. I am new to this forum, and i'm enjoying it , but even if this gets me banned , so be it. This happened and i'm not happy about it (gandorwig)
  7. I'm a newbie here, and hope I do this right. When I up graded my CCleaner, google added thier tool bar. I heard some bad reports about them ,so I decided to delete the tool bar. No one will beleve me, but the very second I deleted the last entry, my pc went crazy.I had to reinstall windows with my cd.Im not a pro at this computer bussiness, but this happened. I have had my pc for 4 years and that has never happened before. I have deleted many such programs. CCleaner is my favorite program ,and I will always use it, but I have some bad fellings for google after that deal(gandorwig)
  8. I'm very sorry if i'm some where i shouldn't be.I'm also sorry if i'm in your space.I'm trying to learn, and i will stay out of your space, gandorwig
  9. Thanks for your warm wecome, davey.I look forward to particapation in this forum.I do not wish to accuse google of any thing, just know i never exspirenced any thing like that before. It was imediate crash, and a bad one. I spent two days recovering from it. I'm a 70 year old cacer surviver, and only 4 years with a pc. I try to learn alittle each day. Thanks again for your warm welcome davey. (gandorwig)
  10. I don't wish to be pain in the neck. I would like to make a comment. I recently deleted google toll bar from my pc, and crashed imediately. I had to reinstall windows. Icould not restore to previous restore point, could not get on internet. My pc went craze just as i deleded the last google entry. Could not get up dates. I have finaly got back to where I was.Has anyone had this problem? I have read some of the problems others have had, and have blamed CCleaner. I have never had one proble with CCleaner. Thank you( gandorwig)!!!!
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