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  1. Thank you - this helped - now I understand what is meant by Run CCleaner when I right click on the recycle bin.
  2. I used to have spyware files on my computer that was un-deletable - hence thought that CCleaner has a better erase function than the MS inherent recycle bin - which was why it appeared when I right click recycle bin - but I think I am mistaken.
  3. I thought the right click function for the recycle bin is meant to just clean the recycle bins and nothing else - I do clean my IE internet files sometimes (including autofill forms etc) but does not want it cleaned everytime I use CCleaner to clear my recycle bin. Hence, I wondered if that is a bug.
  4. Hi, Because of the need to do some Chinese wordprocessing - my english XP Pro OS has to be set to PRC - language settings - although the majority of my work is still done in english. It seems like every time I right click and run CC Cleaner from my recycle bin - it clears all my internet explorer links/auto form filler etc. Is this meant to be? I read about one of your fixes for IE in your new updated version - for non-english platform - is this issue fixed now?
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