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  1. @davey: Thanks for the reply. This issue is not a big deal for me so I'll just wait for CC to add the Open Office apps to the Applications tab. Thanks again!
  2. Sounds like you're referring to MS Office - I am talking about Open Office. My MS Office Recent Docs get cleared by CC. The issue, I think, is why aren't the Open Office apps shown on the Applications tab of CC. I did a search on 'Open Office' and got nothing meaningful. Thanks. BTW, if it's relevant, WIN XP SP3.
  3. Ran CC 2.08.588 and noticed that Recent Documents list wasn't erased in Open Office Writer (File>Recent Documents). I also note that OOo isn't listed as an Application (Writer, Calc, Base) on the CC Applications tab. I'm sure that the cleaning wasn't done because of the latter - but, why isn't the OOo Suite picked up as applications? Thanks.
  4. Sorry that I didn't see this earlier. This "solution" has nothing to do with CC ->When in FF, use ctrl+shift+del to "clear private data." If you want to do this each time that you close your browser, enable it in: Tools>Options>Privacy Tab> "Always clear..." These will work with FF2 also since you've already switched back. EDIT - You may want to try the latest version of CC and see if it works the way that you want it to; as I mentioned, CC v 2.08.588 works fine for me and there is a newer version out. Good luck!
  5. Remember that the "awesome bar" searches history AND bookmarks. CC v 2.08.588 clears the history portion just fine. I do not want CC to either clear my bookmarks or prevent them from showing up in the location bar. In other words, this version of CC is working just fine for me. BTW, I am using the released version of FF. If you have problems with the way CC "cleans," use ctrl+shift+del to "clean" your private data.
  6. Have her try Eraser http://www.heidi.ie/node/6.
  7. drmsucks


    Anybody know if FF generates index.dat files?
  8. Thanks - I knew the CC team would be on top of this!
  9. FF 3RC1 has a feature that allows you to start typing in the address bar and it will bring up past visited sites. I just noticed that CC v2.06.567 does not clear this list.
  10. drmsucks


    I use Firefox (3RC1); does its use generate index.dat files or does only IE generate index.dat files? Thanks.
  11. drmsucks


    Thanks, Davey. I have done the internet search quest for index.dat info and so far haven't come up with anything definitive. Looks like the files which store the URL's visited get cleaned by CC and the other index.dat files don't get touched. I'm curious as to what's in the other files. As to browsing speed, I haven't noticed a difference since I've cleaned the index.dat files. Actually, I can feel only a slight penalty when I clear the internet cache which I also clear with CC. I also use FF for most of my browsing and don't believe that FF generates or uses index.dat files. I agree that we each make our own decisions about computer security. I believe that a series of files that tracks my online presence (at least) and doesn't appear to be readily understood by the majority of computer users is spyware. As such, I am wary of it. Just because MS put the files there, instead of a bogey, does not put my mind at ease! Thanks!
  12. drmsucks


    Thanks, Davey. To re-phrase my question: why does CC delete some index.dat files and not all? If you are going to answer that "Most index.dat files have a specific reason for being there. Deleting some of these files will cause problems with some features of your OS.", please go into more depth, if you can. As nearly as I can tell, the files are generated/used by IE for reasons I don't know. Also, "Trying to clean out all this data on a daily basis results in a slower computer at least for awhile." Are you talking about the index.dat files? Or internet cache files? If the former, please explain how their deletion affects performance, i.e., slows the computer. Thanks.
  13. drmsucks


    I noticed on XPSP2 and VISTASP1 that several index.dat files remain after cleaning. The files are small, in the 16-32 KB range, but my question is why do they remain after cleaning? Are they harmless? Thanks.
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