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  1. It has now happened to me twice that when I updated CCleaner from Piriform, I was given the option to download and install Avast Antivirus, after ignoring a warning from Malwarebytes that I have opened an unsafe website. On each occasion, I un-ticked (said NO) to the question if I would like to install Avast Antivirus. The update of CCleaner nevertheless continued downloading and installing Avast Antivirus. You can't have conflicting anti-virus programs on your computer. You need to uninstall either Avast or your old antivirus program. To get rid of Avast Antivirus, you have to download the uninstall tool (avastclear.exe) and uninstall Avast in Windows Safe Mode. Time-consuming and highly annoying. How do I update CCleaner without this forced installation of Avast?
  2. The technician also said that one should not overdo registry cleaning -- once a week with CCleaner perhaps. I do (or did) have the habit of running the CCleaner Registry "Scan for issues" operation three times in a row, or even more times, until all issues were fixed and the problem report showed no (or almost no) issues left at all. Would that be overdoing it? On the basis of what you said, I will in future only clean the registry (and run the file cleaner) with CCleaner in a separate session, and not use 360 TS Cleanup in that same session. If my O/S starts to break down again, I'll know that the two programs don't combine well. If you would like to try 360 TS, download it at www.360safe.com . Its quite nifty.
  3. Thanks for the advice given above. I'll look into it. To respond to the first answer I received: Everything seemed fine after I installed 360 TS and then did the so-called "Full Check" and "Repair" operations the program offers. Because 360 TS does not have a registry cleaner -- Qihoo is apparently planning to add it as a tool -- I followed up by running the registry cleaner included in CCleaner. After that, my Win 7 (64 bit) computer started to degrade. It would not shut down or start up properly, some programs did not respond as they should, and all the other signs of the operating system breaking down appeared, preventing me from working normally. I tried to restore different older registry configurations and also restored the whole Win 7 system to an earlier date. No luck with these rescue attempts. The technician who re-installed Win 7 said that one should not mix programs aimed at cleaning, optimizing and repairing the registry. If this is true, one would have to chose between CCleaner and a program such as 360 TS, even though the latter is an anti-virus program in the first place. But is this true? Are the two programs really incompatible or did an unknown, unrelated factor cause the sudden degrading of my operating system? In short: can I use CCleaner in conjunction with 360 TS or should I not do that? Does someone know whether there is any logical reason why CCleaner and 360 TS might be incompatible? I like both programs very much!
  4. I recently installed 360 Total Security, an anti-virus program with its own cleaning and optimizing functions. After doing a 360 Total Security scan and clean job, I ran CCleaner because the 360 Total Security package does not include a special registry cleaner. Following this, I had to have Windows 7 re-installed because the operation described above messed up my computer to the extent that nothing less than a Win 7 re-installation could get me back to work, not even Restore-Windows-to-a-previous-date. Does this mean that CCleaner is incompatible with 360 Total Security?
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