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  1. Why not integrate Recuva into the Crap Cleaner program?
  2. Ok... Forget my suggestion. I really like the new Cleaner version 1.21.130! I'm really starting to like the style. Good job, guys!
  3. Hey guys, First, let me say that I really like Cleaner. Probably the best program that I have put on my computer. Now, aside from really liking Cleaner, I would like to make a suggestion. I just updated my Cleaner today to version 1.20.118. I liked EVERYTHING about it except for the two big boxes on the top left of the screen, "Cleaner and Issues". I think these boxes should be smaller so that the "Analysis" screen can be bigger. Version 1.19.108 is really good, my opinion. I like how there are "Tabs", instead of "Boxes". I think in version 1.20.118, there should be two tabs, "Cleaner and Issues", just like version 1.19.108. I'm only making this suggestion, because I want a bigger analysis screen, like in version 1.19.108. I love Cleaner, though. No matter what, it's awesome.
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