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  1. Can you make CCleaner clean the windows update list? I usually delete the whole softwaredistribution folder (windows/softwaredistribution) and activate windows update again but it would be easier if Ccleaner could do it. To save more harddisc space. Who uninstalls updates anyway.
  2. In the registry in windows 7 you can find old exe files that has been deleted from the desktop. It's a bit long way to find it... Hkey current user -> Software -> Microsoft -> Windows NT -> Currentversion -> AppCombatFlags -> Compatibility Assistant -> Persisted The same are in... HKey users -> S-1-5-21-and a very long number -> Software -> Microsoft -> Windows NT -> CurrentVersion -> AppCombatFlags -> Compatibility Assistant -> Persisted
  3. In windows 7 HKEY Local Machine -> Software -> Wow6432Node -> Microsoft -> Tracing It's full of old programs.
  4. Hey, on windows 7 I found some old exe files that had been deleted long time ago from the desktop in the registry. If you go to: hkey current user -> software -> microsoft -> currentversion -> appcompatflags -> compatibility assist -> persisted. I just deleted them manually and next time i searched for it, the registry keys was gone, so I don't know if you can find them too. It would be great if ccleaner could clean that if it's possible.
  5. Hi, in Windows Media Player I added some files to my mp3 player with the sync feature. And later i clicked on "my computer" and right clicked on drive c to choose disc clean and it could clean something called temporary sync files or something like that. It was over 100mb. Can ccleaner clean that too?
  6. Ah, I had to tick the box for error reports. I didn't know that, thanks.
  7. I tried another cleaning program once and it cleaned some files called report.wer. I don't know where they are on the computer and I don't know how to search for them but they are apparently unnecessary. And another thing, in the registry on windows 7 I found some links to some exe files on the desktop which was deleted long time ago but still was written in the registry. I hope Ccleaner can clean this some time.
  8. I found a program called Privacy Eraser and it only works free for 15 days but it works! now the history is cleaned up. I have no idea how it did that.
  9. Ok, I've checked all checkboxes for internet explorer in CCleaner and unchecked the one that keeps files newer than 48 hours. I also set it to run at startup and I re-started the computer and nothing happened really. The links are still there. That's strange look
  10. sorry for double post. I was creating a topic and when I went back to the forum page I couldn't find it again and then I thought I didn't do it right and I created a new one. oops. anyway, my antivirus is AVG antivirus. a freeware thing. I never run it. windows updates automatically some times. I figured out that if you open internet explorer and press the star button to the left and then choose the name next to "feeds" (I have another language computer and I don't remember what it's called in english) then some links to homepages appears. You can press CTRL+SHIFT+H too. There are some links without text and I can right click on them and choose delete. But they don't get deleted.
  11. Hey, I can't delete some urls in internet explorer on windows vista. I tried delete the urls with Internet Explorer itself but they are still there. I also tried the latest version of CCleaner. But they are still there. If I manually go to the regedit and look for them they are deleted but when I start IE again they still are there. :-S I don't know if it's because windows vista did some updates or if CCleaner has been changed and updated? and it's only some url's. The rest are gone.
  12. what's new in the latest version? When I go to "about" in the program it just says that you can download the latest version on the website and then there's some text like "command parameters: /auto - runs the cleaner upon loading.... etc.
  13. It's running fine it's just the one thing there.
  14. I tried that now and I got the latest graphics drivers but it's still the same, lol. It just the quality of the pictures that changes. (there even ain't any difference really)
  15. Yes, I tried different refresh rates. 70 or 72 Hz or whatever it is. I also re-installed direct x but there's still no difference.
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