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  1. i can do any thing for 1mbps speed! i get only 74kbps speed during surfing 12 kbps during downloading via my mobile (dialup connection)
  2. click on any link to download but *note* its size is more than 2gb
  3. i read some where Linux is free to share so here is the link CODE ftp://distro.ibiblio.org/pub/Linux/distri...ad-DVD.i586.iso Mirror 2: CODE ftp://mirror.cs.wisc.edu/pub/mirrors/linu...ad-DVD.i586.iso Mirror 3: CODE ftp://sluglug.ucsc.edu/pub/Mandrakelinux/...ad-DVD.i586.iso Mirror 4: CODE ftp://raven.cslab.vt.edu/pub/linux/mandra...ad-DVD.i586.iso Mirror 5: CODE ftp://ftp.phys.ttu.edu/pub/mandrakelinux/...ad-DVD.i586.iso Mirror 6: CODE ftp://mirrors.secsup.org/pub/linux/mandra...ad-DVD.i586.iso Mirror 7: CODE ftp://ftp.sunsite.org.uk/package/mandrake...ad-DVD.i586.iso Mirror 8: CODE ftp://ftp.uninett.no/pub/unix/Linux/Mandr...ad-DVD.i586.iso
  4. is this free to share? Mandrake Linux 10.1 Official Full DVD? if yes? ill post the link
  5. d2e

    RAM Upgrage

    try si sandra get it from download.com
  6. or check the BIOS setting
  7. if u want more such trick pls post reply
  8. You can't enter into CMOS setup, if you have forgot the password. There is no way to find the password again. But, you can remove the BIOS password using some utilities or some other ways. First, Removing CMOS battery or changing the CMOS jumber settings. If you are having the older type mother board, it is enough to remove the CMOS battery from the motherboard and insert it again after some time. In case of the new mother boards, the battery charge will persist for 3 to four days. So, it is good to change the jumber settings near the CMOS battery. For finding the CMOS jumber, refer motherboard manual. Second, You can use the password crackers. You can get the BIOS password crackers from the following links. http://www.pwcracker.com http://www.cgsrcurity.org Use any one of these tools. The current settings will be turned to default settings. Third, With the C Program. # include <stdio.h> # include <dos.h> typedef unsigned char byte main() { byte i; for (i=0;i<=225;i++) { outp(ox70,i); outp(0x71,i); } } This should be excecuted in DOS prompt. This will remove the password. If you use any one of these three ways, and boot the system, you will get an error message. "CMOS checksum error. Press F2 to continue". Press the key, and select 'Load default settings'. Make necessary changes in settings and exit with save. Back door passwords for BIOS are also available. They are different for different BIOS, based on the manufacturers and versions. _________________ -------------------------------------
  9. keep track of external connection netstat in command menu netstat -N to check connection with port deatail (active port detail)
  11. if some 1 can hack Nasa, the US Army, US Navy, Department of Defence and the US Air Force. computer than i don't think any fire wall can help me to protect my computer
  12. check this article http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/uk_news/4071708.stm and than tell me wat u think of firewall
  13. got all but not using any coz i trust my isp virtual firewall
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