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  1. when i use the gutmann method where it surpose to do 35 passes. any software recovery tool can still recover the file and i still view or play the files after i use your software to clean it. so it doesn't work. it surpose to make it where no software can recovery the file in tact. you need to fix it or make sure you put on your site under CCleaner, that it will not totaly destroy the file or overwrite it 35 passes of date. i am using winxp home edtion full install and its clean version 2002 service pack 2 i use mcafee v10 anti virus and retail version becasue i am beta tester for macfee and microsoft since 1996 c++ programer and binary hex editor and software exploit finder and browser beta tester. you need to fix it or let people it can't destroy the file fully. i have different programs to recover deleted files. and there in full tact. so you guys ened to fix it or test your own software before you make that open to the public :|
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