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  1. I used to use "PatchCleaner" to get the garbage out of c:\Windows\Installer.
    I suggest that CCleaner is a good place to put this functionality back!



    "The directory c:\Windows\Installer is a protected system folder that becomes only visible if you disable the "hide protected operating system files (Recommended)" option in the Folder options. Depending on the age of the system, these orphaned files may take up a considerable amount of space (the most I have seen is 17 Gigabyte)."

    The windows operating system holds a list of current installers and patches, that can be accessed via WMI calls, (Windows Management Instrumentation ).

    PatchCleaner obtains this list of the known msi/msp files and compares that against all the msi/msp files that are found in the c:\Windows\Installer directory. Anything that is in the folder but not on the windows provided list is considered an orphaned file and is tagged to be moved or deleted"









  2. CCCleaner is great. I've found a few more megabytes that cleaner maybe could address. Can anyone confirm these are big files on their setups also?


    1) DrWatson logs. Dr Watson is a Microsoft system service that logs crashes, and keeps huge logs

    \Documents and Settings\All Users\Documents\DrWatson\user.dmp -- 104,005 Kb

    \Documents and Settings\All Users\Documents\DrWatson\drwtsn32.log - 25,919 Kb

    Start "Dr Watson" from the run menu with "drwtsn32".

    2) WindowsUpdate.log -- 1,468 Kb on my Windows 2000 box, with history going back to the dark ages.

    3) WINNT/ShellIconCache -- Huge file, probably full of bloat.

    4) WINNT/$Unist$Update$Shellc$ files. CCCleaner seems to leave a few of these.

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