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  1. Dheeraj

    Foxit Reader

    actually there is no need of searching its windows version its source code is available on net as it is a open source software . All u need to do is download its source code with kde library compile it in windows and you will be able to use it on windows without any problem
  2. For providing such a usefull software and this great forum and that also free $$$.
  3. p4 2.4 d ram 256mb ddr os Windows media edition 2005 +4 mother board His intel chipset graphic card in built hdd 80gb Asus dvd rom samsung cd-rw 52x how much is the system req for installing win vista built 5270 32 bit? and planning to buy dvd writer and 200gb hdd waiting for price to drop further. http://mahavir.co.in 45Rs=1$
  4. Dheeraj

    Foxit Reader

    when i was searching about kpdf for windows i got following info on google group http://groups.google.co.in/group/comp.lang...033e9c7fc06de12 i hope it would b helpful 4 u
  5. Dheeraj

    Forum Update

    updated to Invision Power Board v2.1.4 cool
  6. no mate it is not the beta 1
  7. Dheeraj

    Foxit Reader

    i found this link when i was searching for term "kpdf for windows" http://www.schnauffe.de/html/Uni/Knoth/kpdf.exe chk it out if it is working for u... i'll try this later when i will use windows
  8. Dheeraj

    Foxit Reader

    it certainly lacks some fine points. If you want to print from pdfs, then you may not want to use this. It screws up printing, but the on-screen reading is good. all in all it is good for desktop reading but trust me it can't beat kpdf. Its iis the best pdf reader available and second most popular after adobe reader. And it gives the good printout 2. Does any body know.... is it available for windows?
  9. Dheeraj

    Foxit Reader

    i agree it is really fast
  10. i am also facing same problem with firefox 1.5 on winxp. Is any thing wrong with firefox1.5?
  11. Dheeraj

    Foxit Reader

    well but is it better than KPDF? I will try that soft-ware on windows.........
  12. Dheeraj

    Foxit Reader

    is it available for fedora4? me 2 i got it with fedora4
  13. i have created a small group http://groups.google.co.in/group/desi-tek
  14. Dheeraj

    Post DeskTop

    png forat png format
  15. i like both PC Cillin Mcafee and AVG for win server 2003
  16. hmm never used b4 lets give it a try
  17. hmm how many ppl banned from ere?
  18. i am using pc-cillin i got it free so it is free for me. btw it is not free
  19. it is fast no heavy loaded advertisement like it is there in yahoo or msn which makes it really best and it looks like lotus note
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