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  1. Hi, sorry for the delay in reply...been caught up in a project. I discovered the culprit causing the problem and thought that I should post in the event that this 'bizarre' transforming of 'html' in emails received to 'plain text' occurs to any other members and the solution is elusive. It just might be like my situation....and that was that my ISP server was fiddling with their settings and all my mail was converted and ended up as Junk Mail. Thank you everyone for your time and interest. Cheers
  2. Hi there and thx for the Links. I spent time reading and did the following: Outlook 2003>tools>options>preferences>e-mail options>message handling>read all standard mail in Plain text and checked it off as you indicated it was shut off by Default. I went and opened several of the mails that would not co-operate...a couple gmails, regular office flyer ones, and then a final mail that I was not able to read and it had been converted to Plain text and the same thing occurred, it would not open? But just that one...I notice that it prefaces in the mail that there are 'line breaks'? I am not knowledgable of that term and wondered if that has something to do with why it will not open. I went into the second Link that was kindly posted and did my reading and followed it through >tools>Options>Other>Advanced Options>Add-In Manager and the only items contained therein were a 'check' beside 1. Kaspersky mail checker and 2. Exchange Extensions property pages? Now I am really out of the jargon of what this is all about ! LOL. So I did not change anything. I did know that I was in water above my neck and best to leave things be until I hear from experienced users. In the other Links that were included within the Link, I did all the reading and re-reading and came across one possible solution that said: "A change for No Html. in Outlook 2003 go to Tools>Options>preferences> Unselect or unselect or remove all line breaks and also uncheck or check read standard mail Text." I was wondering if this might fix the one remaining stubborn mail that I describe above? I did nothing here as I want to insure that none of what I have done or if I do what I just described re "line breaks"....whether it could affect my Security with Kaspersky? I again thank you for your interest and post this in the hopes that it may help other users. I again look forward to replies. Cheers. BTW...Yikes, I opened up my Junk mail file and there were a few mails in there that I normally get from specific sites and they were all converted to Plain text and none could be opened? Why would the first ones open and now these ones are Junk and are converted to plain text....is there a Filter problem that I maybe unaware of or something that has just kicked in here. My illiteracy in tech knowlege for my computer is frustrating. Thank you
  3. Well I am back and followed the automatic fix it method as I found the following when I tried to fix it myself manually via "Run" and use the command...the following was found: 1.regsvr32 urimon.dll "LoadLibrary (urimon.dll)failed. The specified module could not be found. 2.regsvr32 mshtml.dll "was loaded, but the DllRegisterServer entry point was not found. This file cannot be registered. 3. regsvr32 shdocvw.dll "DllRegisterServer in shdocvw.dll succeeded 4. regsvr32 msjava.dll "LoadLibrary (msjava.dll)failed. The specified module could not be found. So I knew that I had to do the MS Fix It 50191.....with the wizard and did a test after it completed and found that still no Links will open. But having more time at the moment I looked more carefully at my mail that is being unco-operative and I have found a note at the top indicating"this message has been converted to plain text'? I am definitely not sure what this is all about? Anyone have any ideas and BTW I genuinely appreciate the interest and support. Cheers. Am very puzzled? BTW, I also checked my Browser as was suggested in the second last post in this thread and found my "Set Program and Defaults" is 'custom' and when I tried to 'tick' off 'Internet Explorer' instead of 'use my web browser'....I went back and the 'tick' mark was back in 'use my web browser'. Just thought that I would mention that as well. Seems to me that this changing of my mail message to 'plain text'.....maybe the culprit??? Thank you again for your patience and interest as I sit here and scratch my non tech brain at 1 am. Will be up early and hope that there maybe suggestions. ciao for now! I forgot to mention that my A/V is Kaspersky and I use Prevxx and have used them together for several years and had no bugs etc. I am wondering if an update to xpsp2 could cause this change to plain text as now some of these emails are ending up in my 'junk mail'? Computers are great but it is the operator ... me that creates the problem ...unfortunately !
  4. Yes I will give suggestions a 'go' and post back as I know that this irritation that I get with this problem would be disturbing to others as well. I always try to post back a solution if one is found as I believe that forums are a great way of sharing information to non techies like myself who really appreciate the experienced input ! My reply might be a tad slow as I am working on a project here right now and not too much leisure time to try to fix this issue. Thank you.
  5. Hi, not sure when this started? OS is xpsp2. When I get an email with a 'html' Link in it I cannot get it to open. I have no restore points on the laptop. It is only this type of Link that won't open? I use Kaspersky and Prevxx and have for many years and no issues until this glitch? I hope that some experienced member maybe able to help. Thank you.
  6. This will be the first time to rid of NAV 2007 so I plan to use Recuva and the Norton Clean Tool. This is just NAV and not Systemworks etc. Does this sound ok? I don't want any leftovers or traces that will mess up my install of my new A/V app. I have googled and it does seem that this is a highly recommended process and I just thought that I would ask here.
  7. Yes the PrevX2 is an excellent app so far. Their support is good... you actually get a reply. The first d/l from their Link took up too much Virtual Memory and so I was sent another Link and it is working fine. I am glad that my bro gets me to tag along with him on some of his Forums so that if he should get something and doesn't want it the very odd time I am lucky to be the owner of an app he does not need.
  8. My bro got a license for Prevx 2 from a Forum that he belongs to and gave it to me and so I have it installed now. Anyone with experience with this app? I would appreciate comments on it ...as he had the choice of the version CIS or Prevx 2 and took the latter as he said it performed the fixes? Thank you for your time.
  9. I am confused about this ESET Scanning tool? I don't want to repeat the dialogue about the selections that I seem to have to make re the scans with this app. I was looking for something like Panda Active Scan that is an online scanner for all malware that is decently reliable to run every once and awhile?? Thank you
  10. Sounds like this Scanner will do the job of the Disinfecting of the paid version of Panda Active Scan??? I was looking at a 6 month purchase of that app. I just like to have an independent online besides my other security programs simply to insure that nothing odd is going on. I would appreciate comments on this, again thank you for your interest and time ! BTW, how do I get rid of the Activex that I had to install to get the Panda Active Scan to work as I would like to delete it if this other program is going to do the job. I googled the program suggested and it does sound good, so I am going to give it a go, though I did notice no one has commented on their experience with the program in the Link for that when I googled it. I am kind of confused b/c when I look at the free scanner for non purchased customers of the other programs it seems that the Virus Removal tool is Specific and I have to scan for a Particular suspected infection?? Or am I reading it wrong? I see the Virus Removal option, however before it there is a dropdown list of many malwares to select from??? Thank you... and I apologize for the question; however I am a real non tech user. BTW, I just selected "Fix Exe Utility" and it came up with the Error "FixExe[1].com has encountered problem and needs to close." ??? I wanted to try that one out ? Any ideas. Maybe something is conflicting with my use of this app? Again, thank you.
  11. I haven't used this program for sometime and finally got the new version to scan only to have it come up with an error: "Trend Micro House Call Error Page" "House Call client cannot be executed due to internal errors." Please contact system administrator/support to report the problem. No problems, just wanted to do a scan, has anyone else had this problem? The old version would not even install? Again these are the free versions that I am talking about and my system is xpsp2, IE 7. I am curious about this?
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