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  1. Hello, I've cheked in the settings to keep only English, but for some applications, CCleaner fails to delete all languages. One such example would be VLC. I've manually deleted everything except "English.lproj" and program works fine. I think, that you can delete all *.lproj, except: if english checked, then don't delete English.lproj and en-us.lproj and ...; if xyz language checked, then also don't delete xyz.lproj ... I'm not sure if thats safe though, but it might work. CCleaner keeps following languages after cleaning: English.lproj ach.lproj af.lproj aiff.icns am.lproj an.lproj ast.lproj az.lproj be.lproj bg.lproj bn.lproj bn_IN.lproj br.lproj ca.lproj cgg.lproj ckb.lproj co.lproj cs.lproj cy.lproj da.lproj de.lproj en_GB.lproj es.lproj et.lproj eu.lproj fa.lproj ff.lproj fr.lproj fur.lproj ga.lproj gd.lproj gl.lproj gu.lproj hi.lproj hr.lproj hu.lproj hy.lproj ia.lproj id.lproj is.lproj it.lproj ka.lproj kk.lproj km.lproj kmr.lproj ky.lproj lg.lproj lt.lproj lv.lproj mk.lproj ml.lproj mn.lproj mr.lproj ms.lproj my.lproj nb.lproj ne.lproj nl.lproj nn.lproj oc.lproj or_IN.lproj pa.lproj pl.lproj ps.lproj pt_BR.lproj pt_PT.lproj si.lproj sl.lproj sq.lproj sr.lproj ta.lproj te.lproj tet.lproj tl.lproj uz.lproj vi.lproj wa.lproj zh_CN.lproj zh_TW.lproj zu.lproj
  2. This doesn't make a lot of sense. Repair is one thing, erase is another. Plus, non-SSDs might also need repair option.
  3. Firstly big thank you for making mac version, this is such an awesome program! So far everything works perfectly, though I haven't tried System, System Apps, Advanced, and Applications. It would be nice if you would add more description somehow about what those options do, like a 'Help' with description perhaps. Another thing what would be nice is for CCleaner not to ignore my Utilities folder, since I like to store some Apps like CCleaner there, perhaps an option to add additional paths for CCleaner to look for applications. Since there is no standard 'uninstall' on a Mac, what does uninstallation deletes? Does it also deletes settings files and Saved Application States? If so, would it be possible for CCleaner to somehow list files it will delete(I'm not talking here about listing the contents of the app file but location of a settings file for example)? And finally, would love to see uninstalls for widget and preference planes. Edit: If you need to test something, I have MBP with Mac Os X 10.7
  4. First of all delete your multiple messages, its called spamming. And you have chance to be banned (i think so). Second if you have problem why you posting in my suggestions? Go to bug forum and post it there. Third if you have problems what doesn't mean what its end of world and all must uninstall CCleaner, its not my problems!
  5. if you go here: C:\Program Files\CCleaner you will see what where is no data... CCleaner is only from one .exe file and some configuration around him. Its not big program like kaspersky...
  6. I have some good ideas for CCleaner. I so like CCleaner what i added images! You can see how new features will look!!! Tools -Uninstall- Original windows add/remove programs are poor, and lagging. CCleaner have uninstaller but it needs some more features: 1. rename "program to remove" to "program name". 2. add "program size" in MB/KB so you can see how many program takes space. Also add option what will allow to list programs by "program name" and "program size" by pressing on it. -Startup- 1. rename "File" to "File location" 2. Add option what will allow to list all startup programs by "key" "program name" "File location" 3. Add option what will allow to add your own program "Add Program" Options -Cookies- Rename "Cookies to delete" to "Cookie name" Add "Browser" -- the browser from there whys cookie, Eg. Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera, Safari, Netspace.... Also add option what will allow to list cookies by "Cookie name" and "Browser" by pressing on it. Add option "View Cookie" Add option "Edit Cookie" -------------- In main CCleaner window add option: Wan you move on eg. "Empty Recycle Bin" after 2secs will small information square will pop up which something like "Wis will delete all files in Recycle Bin". Later will add more suggestions and images Image editing program: Microsoft Paint
  7. I agree what this options MUST be added to make CCleaner more powerful!
  8. I cant understand what your problem... In Start/all programs/CCleaner/ is "Uninstall CCleaner". In Add/Remove Programs are Uninstaller to. And in CCleaner is something like "Add/Remove programs", in CCleaner uninstall list loads fast! and much options! What your problem?
  9. Good suggestions i agree which you, its very big faults.
  10. "The best software... if free" <--- Remember it. However, some software is good and not free, so when you need to use some search skills. I like 2years didn't buying any software, but i have already soft on like 500$... im not talking about films, music, games. I cant imagine how someone can be so stupid to pay for free soft . You guys crazy ore very lazy, i never seen sites who sell free programs like firefox, there you found them? U ever think what you doing: for example when you downloading Firefox you ever think what firefox can be found on firefox.com not on www.rapidshare.com; just a little bit logic: if you download CCleaner, why don't search for urls which "cleaner" like CCleaner.com CCleaner.org. Don't be so stupid XD
  11. I think it will be good if defraggler will have "offline defrag" the option what will defrg system files what normaly locked because they in use.
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