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  1. Info from http://www.consumer.gov/idtheft/ and http://pages.ebay.com/education/spooftutorial/tutorial
  2. Wow that sounds easy thanks. Now If I understand you correctly . I go to the Admin User that has CCleaner installed,and I send a shortcut to my desktop, then I right click the Start key(explore all users) and Drag/copy or Drag/move that new shortcut(2) to the other Users desktop. Or as you say place in a folder Did I get It correctly?
  3. Installed ccleaner on a friends XP User #1but the other two XP user names do not display ccleaner as existing on the Start list of software So what did I do wrong
  4. Here is the setting on my PC- it works for me and should work for you
  5. I never had a problem deleting everything it found/displayed
  6. Some uninstallers do not remove everything My friend uninstalled McAfee internet security and he sees folders and files on his C drive with wording McAfee. So I recommend a search feature in CCleaner to "search and use brute force to remove all files and folder that contain the word in a new CCleaner search bar. This new feature would be an advanced feature to only use after you run a uninstall
  7. does anyone have suggestion to delete remaining McAfee internet security off my XP sp2 PC (1G and 160gb Dell computer_?
  8. *.tmp,*.chk,~*.* asterisk period tmp comma asterisk period chk comma tilde asterisk period asterisk Searching for above gets lots of temp junk
  9. ............................................... Or you can go to "My Computer" and type %temp% to open the temp folder and here is a picture I made for you. And by the way - I tested the Run and its %temp%
  10. Would you believe - I found a feature in my Spybot S&D to remove those old MSCONFIG start up 's and it worked great. and I see I can also do the same delete in a feature in our CCleaner. - Take a look ---
  11. Should I just Ignore the fact thet OLD AOL and OLd Mcafee cleaner are displayed in my 98se MSCONFIG ( unchecked ) since they are old and removed. I dont know why they stayed after AOL and McAfee was removed
  12. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Its best to use one anti virus , as others have mentioned here ,two or more resident AV may conflict with each other. I use Avast! 4 Home version and its been great for me. I turned on the automatic Updates. And they have lots of easy to replace Skins to suit your taste. I feel very confident in avast AV protection and they have quick answering support on questions I asked them.. Also recommend the avast Forum .. My former AV was Norton version 2005 internet security and it was using too much of my computer resources , so I removed
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