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  1. 1. I first Delete Restore Points/Cleanup cookies, then clean (Av likes me to scan twice?- 2nd scan Much faster!?). 2. Then scan Registry Twice, and fix All. I then go back to main startup page, and X out, and Reboot twice -My question, as I don't get long/cleaning reboot until After a cold startup, 4 Reboots, open IE11 (4 Times). shutdown. - I must be doing something wrong?- Should I X out After Registry cleaning, or what?
  2. When cleaning cookies- I Ticked "Do not ask again". Cleaned OK, but not the next time I ran it! How do I restore the Ask prompt?
  3. When I first installed CC 504- I remember seeing a "Scan for SSD..." setting (somewhere?), and didn't tick it - I had a HDD, and copied it to a Fast SSD- I couldn't find the CC SSD setting...? So I reinstalled CC from the original download, and still couldn't find it? How do I get the SSD option back, and what does it do different (I don't Safe delete)?
  4. I recently installed the current version of Defraggler, as WDD doesn't defrag files larger than 64mb (system is getting slow...). I unticked replace WDD on install (no reason)- Now I have a WDD icon, as well as a DF icon on desktop. Having both icons on on desktop seems to confuse my ESET Smart Security v8 AV (Hate it, and going to try Norton Security Premium next). I have decided to go ahead & replace WDD with DF, and delete the WDD desktop icon- 1. Do I need to just tick Replace WDD in my DF settings, or uninstall DF & tick Replace on new install. 2. Do I need to then need to Disable WDD in MSC (it is currently Manual, with no Auto defrag)? 3. What is the advantage... of replacing WDD with DF?
  5. The Latest ABS Free v1.14.5 isn't showing on my W7 SP-1 32/64-bit computers, looks like only 14 Full shows? Thanks for the confirmation about cleaning themselves though! I don't do anything but copy, so lightweight Free is working Good for me.
  6. TIPS (but I have to agree about excluding your AV files!)- With my ESET Smart Security v8 AV (Worked with my old KIS 2013/2014 AV too, and maybe with other AV's?)- I find that if I Analyze Everything (CCleaner, Defraggler (3pass defrag too (see the Big jump in read speed!)), Twice Before Cleaning/Defrag..., It allows All... without any issues, because it's now Trusted (I find that Security Suites, with a firewall are more persnickety...!). I just ran the latest CCleaner Yesterday, the first Clean files Analyze took 9.5sec, and the second took 1.25sec, and then same faster results results with the Registry cleaner. Since doing this, I never see the same files... coming up again, and my system is Much faster after Defrag (I Run as Admin, and temp show Hidden files on defrag Only).
  7. Win7 Pro 32-bit (desktop) & Win7 Pro 64-bit (laptop), latest CCleaner, ESS v8 AV. A couple of CCleaner versions back, the change log said Ashampoo Burning Studio was added... I have the Excellent/Fast ABS free installed on both computers, but neither shows in Applications? I uninstalled slow CDBurnerXP, as it was permanently leaving Huge/Hidden files on my C: drive, every time I copied an audio CD (also not detected by CCleaner). I would like to be sure that ABS is cleaning up on reboot, and CCleaner is checking it!? Please check this bug out...! Scott
  8. I had the same problem until I temp disabled my AV until After Restart (Before running CC, and I always do a no-activity restart/ wait 15min for All files to release)!
  9. I've tried several other 3d party defrags that did Not pre-disable VSS (like DF does), and they made a Horrible Mess out of my HD/OS...! BTW- Win 7 defrag is Much Faster (VSS safe), but leaves parts of programs... scattered all over my HD! I get Much Better system Performance, after DF does it's more thorough compacting...
  10. Should I save my settings to .ini, then uninstall/reinstall?- Or is DF like CCleaner, where you just install over the old version?
  11. Thank you for the reply, and I'm going to stop deleting old prefetch files because of issues... (I got into this habit in the old XP days)!- 2 days after this weeks Win Update- CCleaner deleted 26 old prefetch files (many System prefetch, along with 128mb of deleted files...). I closely watched the Prefetch folder for rebuild dates/times? Many didn't auto-rebuild until Late After the next days cold startup/2 restarts. Performance became slow, and there is still No increase the 2nd day (today). I also figured that there was No reason to defrag , until All the prefetch files were auto-rebuilt (compact/contiguous...). BTW- My Win7 64-bit laptop has Really slowed down, after doing similar... It seems that I sometimes make things worse while trying to make things a little better (i.e. JV PowerTools- Immunize...!). I going to try and remember!- If it ain't broke, don't fix it!
  12. Usually a couple of days after my Windows manual Update there are 31... old prefetch files to delete, and in-between varies... 1. Following deletion, when does Win7 start auto-rebuilding them..., and how long does that usually take? I read that's at Win idle, And I should probably temp disable my KIS AV's idle scan? 2. Is it also a good idea to manually delete layout.ini once-in-a Great while, and when?
  13. Does this also allow me to also Registry clean, which I Always do After file cleanup?
  14. I have a WD VelociRaptor 10kRpm Hard Drive, that softly clicks Furiously upon the next days Cold startup (the HD activity light blinks Rapidly too). I have no idea what files are being processed...? I also have similar HD activity the next day after a manual Windows Update? ~~~~~~~~~~~~ Defrag TIP (mostly from my KIS forum)!- This is also why I Never defrag at the end of the day (Analyze the next day will show a Badly fragmented HD!), but Only after a cold startup (3d no-activity reboot)/ disconnect from internet/temp disable AV (Self-Protection for KIS... too)/Show Hidden Files & Protected OS (also allows indexes/System files... to be compacted...), & Defrag- Run As Admin!- I also wait 1min+... between All of these steps, for HD activity to settle down..., print this out, and a digital kitchen timer Is a Must! -Now reverse the above..., and reboot Twice Before Any activity. Full Performance won't show until After the next days Cold Startup (3d no-activity reboot!).
  15. I've noticed that files don't appear to Fully delete..., until After the next Cold Startup. May be my KIS AV...?- as I have to temp disable until reboot, or it blocks Registry Cleaning (I Run as Admin, and CC is a Trusted KIS Application)?- Would it be best to manually shutdown after CC, or do a reboot first, or...?
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