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  1. Hello, I'm having the same problem that some others are having regarding the display adapter information. In my case after loading Speccy, under Graphics it just says Analyzing... with the circle at the bottom left of the window continuously moving showing that there is indeed activity. But no matter how long I wait, it still just says Analyzing... I'm using the latest version, 1.00.066 BETA, and I had the same problem with 1.00.057 BETA. I've included a screenshot of the current situation but just in case I'll post my hardware and software specs here as well: OS: -------------------- Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium x64 (64-Bit) Hardware: -------------------- Acer Aspire M7720 64-Bit System Acer FX58M Motherboard Intel X58 Chipset Intel Core i7 920 @ 2.67GHz Bloomfield 45nm Architecture CPU 12GB Triple-Channel DDR3 @ 533MHz RAM 1000GB Hitachi HDT721010SLA SATA Hard Drive ATI Radeon HD 4850 (4800 Series) Graphics Card Samsung SyncMaster T240 Monitor Thanks a lot for such great hardware and I wish you success with this program as well! Shaun
  2. Don't worry about that, it's completely normal. Installing Windows on a system is very "hard" on it. By that I don't mean that it is physically hard on it, but it creates many errors and puts all kinds of things everywhere and the drive is usually heavily fragmented. Among other things, I'm a computer technician and every time I install a fresh copy of Windows on a system I spend a lot of time running registry cleaners, error fixers and defragging. Same goes when installing a service pack. The best thing to do is like you suggested. Always make a backup first, and then fix the errors. It took me years to get into the habbit of making full registry backups, but I had to restore a backed up registry this morning in fact! I would recommend using ERUNT (Emergency Recovery Utility NT. You can get it from here or direct download ERUNT v1.1i from here. I would also recommend checking out the following utilities for helping to clean your system: - OleClean v1.5 [Info] [Download] - Microsoft RegClean 4.1a [Info] [Download] - Macecraft jv16 PowerTools 2005 v. [Info] [Download] (I only use jv16 PowerTools for it's Registry cleaning functions, they are second to none. It's file cleaning functions are pretty useless which is why CCleaning exists!) Elistas
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