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  1. The good times finished, again appeared the problem of blank area without text.
  2. Thanks, I did what you suggested and yes, a few entries was causing the problem, now it don't crash (for now) Many thanks again
  3. Thanks Vartkes, The VB6 fixes the problem but now appeared a new one, sometimes, when scanning the "issues" appear an error saying that "CCleaner has caused an error in MSVBVM60.DLL" help! thanks
  4. Uh, these screenshot was tooked before the scanner (because in that moment I couldn't replicate the problem) but the screenshot of this post is the true problem I having (Notice the completed progressbar)
  5. Yeah, I uninstalled and installed many times, but still problem :-( (the strange thing is that is random, sometimes shows files, sometimes, not!) I love this program (when works) and I want to continue using it! help! thanks
  6. The area of the files it can delete. See image
  7. Sometimes, after finished the scanning (cleaner), doesn't show nothing, all blank without text, the progressbar is completed anyone knows why? thanks
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