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  1. rushh

    RAM Upgrage

    thanks a lot for yr reply.. i m planning to go for 512 mb pc2700 .. thanks.
  2. rushh

    RAM Upgrage

    The Crucial System Scanner was unable to determine the exact HP - Compaq model that you have. You can still find the right memory upgrade for your HP - Compaq computer by using the Crucial Memory Advisor? tool. >>but i managed to get this info. Maximum Memory Capacity 4GB but ther is also one more prob. i ran cpu -z and it told me i have 4 slots.. but i have only 2 that i see.. so is this a prog error .?? also i have 64mb shared ( as video mem ) so wen i upgrade this will automatically be shared again rite ?! thanks for yr replies.
  3. rushh

    RAM Upgrage

    heyy .. guys i m new here.. i have a compaq s5030il . and i want to upgrade the ram i currently have 256mb ddr (pc2700) ... ( frm that 64 mb is shared mem ..coz i hv a onboard graphics card ).. ow i went to crucial.com since i read the previous threads.... but suprisingly my model isnt listed there... can plz som1 help..? also is my ram 266mhz ? how do i knw.? i want a 400mhz now .... and will it be compatible.? does the ram depend upon only the chipset ?? i hav a sis651 chipset... thanks a lot.. awaiting yr helpful replies..
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