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  1. crossal

    Canon MP160

    According to Canon, the supported media types are: Cards , Envelopes , Photo paper , Plain paper , Transparencies Double check to make sure you have the current driver version. 1.10a (Windows Vista/XP/2K 32bit) 5.8.3 (Mac OS X all) Printer Available here: http://www.usa.canon.com/consumer/controll...wnloadDetailAct -@
  2. First try updating your system board chipset drivers. You can either find them on the manufactures? website or the manufacture of the chip itself. Second, it could be the spindle speed of the hard drive itself. If it is a slower speed (4200,5400) rpm drive then you could get that message. A faster (7200 or higher) rpm would help if that is the case. Try the chipset first.
  3. What Larry said I agree with. It will give you an increase in performance. Not a ton, but some. If the card does not cost too much. Hopefully you have an old card sitting around and are not going to purchase one. If you do go this route, make sure you disable the on-board graphics in BIOS to free up the 8MB or so that it is reserving for the onboard graphics.
  4. Schtasks.exe is used for scheduled tasks from the command line, but the fact that it's running on shutdown is a bit strange. Event viewer may provide a bit more information on the nature of the task that's failing to initialise. You could look in there for more info.
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