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  1. Hello, i had the same troubles as described - OS XP SP2 - newest version of ccleaner did?nt clean many items, it should have to clean. To make a long story short: After more than one week in tis forum and after about 20 posts and replies in the thread to this theme I was told to downgrade to a previous version of ccleaner - e.g. 2.223 I did so - and see : all my problems went up to smoke ... To the "makers" of ccleaner: You made a good job and created a fine tool, but with version 2.24... You "touched " a well running system an spoilt it -the german word for this, I can?t translate it exactly - is: "verschlimmbessern" - somthing like to disimprove or to make an improvement that makes things worse. So, ignore the recent version and go down for 2.3xxx or older.
  2. Thank You for this "downgrding" hint - IT HELPED - YIPPIE. I coulnt find the former version 2.23 on the web but fortunately i had some old cleaner 2.21 on my HD - so I uninstalled ccleaner 2.24 totally, started the old version AND: Ladies an gentleman: it works! ccleaner 2.21 cleans an clears everything, a cleaningtool should clean: traces of surfing in the web. I?d suggest to rename the actual version from "ccleaner" into partial?-cleaner- its is not very useful and may be dangerous - so e.g. in the case I use some very "intim" usernames for a second e-mail-adress an my curious wife uses the PC after me. She will find evry username, i used to login on sites, she would not like me to go to - just e.g.... You see: a cleaner should clean everything You want - it should not domineer over You - leave those domineering programs to Microft and friends. It?s not suitable for programs of the Open Source-world. Back to the roots: downgrade and get rid of surfing - traces.... Bye
  3. Hi - thanks for Your answer, but this mark is defintively removed ...with desperating regards ....
  4. @ident Sry, but such st... "arguments" drive me crazy- look: The Difference is: The few hundred millions, who can read my profiles, are not able to combine them with my real-life persion- right? When I?m e.g. at work and I?m surfing just a few minutes on Ebay - sites (e.g), it might be more than clear, that I don?t want the next user beeing able to see my Username and so to combine me and this certain Ebay - member - that?s a matter of privacy! The following User will know my secret identity. And it is just the purpose of any cleaning-tool to avoid exactly this. Following Your "argumentation" nobody would need any cleanertool ... @ DennisD The first and real problem-understanding and helpful post was that of DennisD - thank You for Your detailed answer with - in german- "hand und fu?" - I?ll try Your work araound, but still cant understand, that a tool calling itself clenaer, will leave imortant traces of surfing undeleted ... it?s a mixed up, muddled up shook up world - ...
  5. The matter is not the password and is not firefox -- it?s the username, that should be deleted, but will not be cleaned by cccleaner. Of course USERNAME and the cleaning of it is a matter of privacy and sure surfing. If I use e.g any public PC for surfing EBAY-sites or some forum sites an my username will be not cleaned by the cleaningtool, evrybody will be able to look up all my profiles, althoug I just wanted to prevent and avoid this - why else should I use any cleaner..???? If I clear the compete history using the internal cleaner of firefox (shift ctls- del-) EVERYTHING will be cleaned - also the USERNAME. It seems a little bit strange, that an original cleanertool like ccleaner clans less traces than a browser... there?s something wrong with it. Every Mask / Form must be cleaned - except I tell the tool, what is to leave undeleted. All i want to know is: why does ccleaner not do it?s job - to clean everything according chosen options. Have I to install some patches or are there hidden options or somizhing of this kind or was it the intention the programmers of ccleaner, to leave some items uncleaned - but why, for god?s sake?? In the case, cc will not be able to clean these items , i got to look out for some other cleanertool, which will clean every trace generated during surfing - ?cause theatis just the purpose a cleaner has been created and installed for- isn?t it?
  6. Thanks. IMHO the purpose of ccleaner is wiping traces, that remain after internet activities. I?m sure that ccleaner in the past used to wipe ALL login informations of visited sites - also entries in the field USERNAME. Maybe the recent problems got do to with upgrading firefox to version: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 5.1; de; rv: Gecko/20090824 Firefox/3.5.3 Recently ccleaner does not clear those fields and IMHO privacy of surfing will be not guaranted, if there remain important informations like USERNAME in Login-Masks. I?ll try to post a screenshot, that shows this recent lack of data security- i?m still sure, that ccleaner has to clean these informations, too. Once more: Firefox does not store any password or form-informations. After closing firexox and AFTER complete cleaning (all checkboxes of cc activated) the ebay login-mask shows up containing still the last username - I think, that?s not the way a cleaner toll should behave...
  7. No, Firefox doesn?t save the password or something else - this option has been deactivated. The one and only problem is: ccleaner won?t clean the login-form of any site e.g. ebay or t-online, although it is told to do so. This got nothing to do with a password. It got to do with the loginname / Nickname you fill in in some form. This entry is sored remembered inspite having activated the checkbox : clean forms before running ccleaner. [i?d like to insert a screenshot into this post, to get things clearer, but can?t find a way to do so except from posting an image on some url an inserting it from there - does there exist a direct way for uploading some pic directly from HD?]
  8. Thanks, no, You did?nt get me and my problem. After logging out from Ebay I leave firefox without clearing and cleaning anything inside of firefox. I just log out from Ebay. Firefox is now shut down and closed. Now I use to start ccleaner - every firefox-regarding checkbox (tab Applications) is activated: Five items should be cleaned now by ccleaner: Cookies, Donwnloadhistory, formfils(?) (in German "gespeicherte Formulardaten) !, Inernet cache and history. But ccleaner doesn?t do what it is expected to do: My Ebay-Nickname will appear at next acces to Ebay?s homepage using firefox : The loginmask contains and shows - and it should after cleaning by ccleaner NOT contain - my Ebay-Login-Name. I think, this formfil ("Formulardaten") should have been deleted - according to the activated checkbox - for the reason of privacy. Why does ccleaner at this point not work as told and expected? I have then to use the built in cleaning of firefox to get rid of all entries in this loginmask. The same error occurs in Login-Forms of other homepages -e.g. t-online etc. Thanks for ideas ... Marlin
  9. I am using a fresh installed and latest version of cleaner: 2.24.1010 Following error occurs: Havin logged in at EBAY?s login-mask I close firefox (3.5.3, start ccleaner (all check-boxes are activated, of course), start after that the analsysis function of ccleaner, find that there ar 0 bytes left to clean, close ccleaner, thinking evrything has got cleared and deleted. BUT: After restarting firefox and loading Ebay?s login-mask the error occurs: My login-name will still appear, although it should have cleared by ccleaner, because the check-box for clearing that is activated. The clean-function of firefox (CTRL-Shift del) will clear every login-mask properly. Strange ... seems to be a mistake. The second "malfunction or lacking function of ccleaner regards to outlook (2003): The search entries wont be deleted by running ccleaner. Deleting this entry-list would be very helpful und would make system more sure, I think. Somebody got any idea? Thanks marlin
  10. Cleaner (206 567) does not clear the adress list of outlook 2003. If You choose in ooutlook 2003 the menu-function "New mail" and You start typing the mail-adress, outlook will pop up a list of adresses, You typed in in the past. This list should IMO be wiped by cleaner (office 203 wiping in cleaner?s configuration is activated!). How can I handle this problem? Thanks.
  11. Alan- thxs for Your detailed explanation. You consider it useful and logical, that cleaner "spares" unclosed program-parts or processes of FF - maybe You?re right. I myself IMHO would prefer a less well mannered wiper, because I consider data-security as more important than the comfort of relounching and continuing an interrupted FF-Session, for somitimes You just forget to close FF before shutting down and every next System -User might see all details of Your alst FF-Session - a rather high risk, I think. So what? I suggest: There should be created a cleaner parameter, by which You can modify CLEANER?s beahaviour as You like ist. There should be one option for well mannered behaviour and one for brute force wiping. So everybody would be pleased :-) and depending from the chosen option CLEANER would ignore oder kill open processes after system-Restart.
  12. Hello out there.. at first: very fine and useful program, this CLEANER. I?m not sure, but there seems to occur ONE "security" gap trying to clean all traces of done sessions - regarding firefox 2.xxx (latest version) Every time running system shutdown with open firefox sessions after restarting the system there will be the firefox-question: unexpected shutdown - shall the interrupted sessions be restaurated? (or similar in that kind... ) And all the cache data of firefox are still available - ALTHOUGH - and I think, this is a gap or mistake - CLEANER cleans the system at EVERY system-start getting lounched by autostart. Why are the firefox data not cleaned? Normally running CLEANER evrey bit of firefox-data will be wiped exactly - so why not at he automatical start under the same configuration? Second gap: The seerch-item List of OUTLOOK will not be wiped - but it should, I guess. How can I help his?
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