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  1. Hi, I have the same problem and it still shows that trojan no matter how many times you install or uninstall it. Try the previous version 2.04.543 I installed the previous version then ran the scan and it didn't show anything. Cheers
  2. Hi David, I have the same problem as you have. I uninstalled the latest version of CCleaner and a few days later during a zonealarm scan it reported the backdoor trojan that you have mentioned. I uninstalled and installed it several times but it reported the same trojan. Then I installed the previous version of CCleaner which is version 2.04.543 and then did another scan with zone alarm and surprisingly it did not report any trojan and came out clean. I uninstalled the 2.04.543 version and installed it again and then did another scan and it came up with a clean report. then I uninstalled version 2.04.543 and installed the latest version again 2.05.555 and ran a scan. It showed the same trojan again. So it looks like the latest version has this problem and it has to be taken care of. Right now I think I will use version 2.04.543 until further notice. Cheers Loren
  3. Hi David, I have experienced the same problem as you have. I just installed the last version of CCleaner and it reported this trojan. Surprisingly, it did not report this trojan when I had the previous version. I have uninstalled and reinstalled it several times from various websites and it reports the same problem. I like this programe very much but I also trust the zonealarm which have never reported a false positive until now. I don't know. I might stick with th previous version instead of this one MY report found two files: File: C:\Documents and Settings\Desktop\CCleaner.lnk File: C:\Program Files\CCleaner\CCleaner.exe Loren
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