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  1. DjLizard & all the others, Thanks so much for your advice. I will give some of these a try; Have a good day, Normandie
  2. DjLizard, Thanks for the advice. When you say "use a jabber client" does Trillian fit this bill? I am not very familar with the vocabulary. I am sorry to keep asking questions, but don't want to open my computer to problems if I can avoid it. Thanks & have a good day, Normandie
  3. bpm3k, Yes, that is what I am trying to find out. I guess I am not too clear, sorry about that. Thanks to all of you who responded & have a great day, Normandie
  4. Eldmannen, Thanks for the advice, however, I am not as worried about files, because I don't & won't accept files, even from people I know through the IM. my main concern is it just sitting there open. Can someone who is not on my list access my computer if the IM client is up & running? On my contact list I have it set up to only accept people I add myself and not just anyone on line. I have just heard that it is not good to have them up and running, all the time. Since I am using a DSL and am conected almost all the time, it has worried me. I will take a look at Miranda. T
  5. Hey folks, just wondering if there is such a thing as a "secure IM". For example with Trillian is there a way to make sure that you are not constantly open to attack? I looked at IMSecure by zonelabs, but I heard that it only works if the people you are chating with are using IMSecure also. I have read that with the IM running that you are totally open to wirus and problems. I have looked for articles about this but have not found any that seem to give a straight forward opinion. When I used Trillian I only had access and left access to my IM by people that I put on my list, but have heard
  6. rridgely, Thank you for your adivce. I will take the time to read the pages you pointed out and try to digest all of it before deciding. At any rate, thanks for taking the time to give me an answer & for trying to help. Have a great day, Normandie
  7. I know I am getting on dangerous terrritory here, but really want & need some solid advice. I am not an expert & I have ask lots of people around me, but they are not experts either, so don't know what to do about SP2. I have not made the move yet, I am still on SP1 and have had no problems or complaints. But lots of people are saying, "you really need to go to SP2". I have heard however that computers that were bought with Windows XP -- SP2 already installed have no problems, but that a LOT of people who make the update from Windows XP SP1 to SP2 are having lots of problems. S
  8. berdy, On the computer I am working with right now your system worked fine. I will have to wait and try it on the other computer at the office tomorrow. That is the one that would not update this morning. Have a good day, Normandie
  9. berdy, Just CCleaner as usual. When I downoaded the ZIP from their site and installed it manually all was fine. Have a good day, Normandie
  10. berdy, When I saw your previous post I tried it, did not work, the only way I could get it to work is to download the "defs" from their site and install them myself. Thanks anyway for the suggestion. Have a good day, Normandie
  11. tommyk, I have to take back my "I didn't have any problems", in a previous poste. I came into the office today and tried to update the computer here and it would not work. I ended up by having to download the file on their site and install it myself. Have no idea what the problem is. Have a good day, Normandie
  12. tommyk, I have updated to SE1R53 dated 07/07/2005 without any problem. As far as I can tell this is the latest update and mine went fine. Hope you get it worked out, Normandie
  13. mycky, I just deleted my link because I don' think it had anything to do with what you wanted to know and I did not want anyone to be confused because of something I posted. I should have waited for Twistedmetal or someone else to answer. I am so sorry. Have a good day, Normandie
  14. I am not near as knowagable as TwistedMetal, but I can tell you that my new computer was running like an olddddddddddddddddd computer until I installed and started running CCleaner and now it seems to have gotten the spring back in it's CPU. I cannot give you the tech end of all of this, but once it cleans out the mess, the computer runs better and faster. I am very happy with it!! Have a great day, Normandie
  15. Normandie

    How to?

    MrG, First of all let me say that I LOVE your program and my computer has never ran better than now, thanks to CCleaner!!!!! I know this, if you look a little farther up in the post, I have said that I have not checkmarked that feature because I did not want those erased, but they were erased in spite of the fact that I had not check marked that feature. But all is correct now that TwistedMetal redid the winapp2.ini, so all is back to the way it was. Thanks to all for your help & have a great day, Normandie
  16. Normandie

    How to?

    Thanks to all of you!!! Have a good day, Normandie
  17. Normandie

    How to?

    LEEnoble, Thanks so very much but on mine it is not checked either. I am not sure what is happening, I kind of like the recently run programs to be there in the start menu on the left, but I can live without them to have everything else CCleaner brings me. Have a good day, Normandie
  18. Normandie

    How to?

    TwistedMetal, Thanks so much for your quick reply. Did that and the programs that I have launched are still erased from the menu when I click on "start" the list on the left is empty. Example, I run CCleaner, click on "start" the programs are still there on the left, I restart the computer and they are gone. It is no big deal, I can live without that part of windows, but it is handy sometimes. Thanks & have a good day, Normandie
  19. Normandie

    How to?

    Ok, I am sure it is as plain as the nose on my face , but I can't seem to find it. is there a way to keep CCleaner from clearing out the programs that have been run from the "Start" menu. In other words when I click on "Start" there should be a list on the left hand side that shows all the recent programs I have run. I have looked on all the settings and nothing seems to say that to me. I sure one of you will tell me and then I will see that it was just right before my face and I will be embarrassed. Thanks & have a good day, Normandie
  20. I use Zonealarm & am happy with it. I am sure though that if someone wanted to get through the firewall they would & could. My Father always taught me that locks were there to honest people honest, that the thief would get through anyway. Have a good day, Normandie
  21. Just found a work around! I just got tired of the "Links" favorite showing up so I right clicked on it and marked it hidden. I know it is still there, but I don't have to see it. Sounds dumb, but it works. Have a good day, Normandie I don't know if this will keep it invisable or if it will come back, but it is worth a try.
  22. Normandie


    I just found & love FastStone Image Viewer, it is free, and does a great job for my small needs. I can be found here: FastStone Viewer Have a great day, Normandie
  23. bpm3k, I am sorry if you misunderstood my statement, sometimes my English is not that good. For me since I prefer to stay with SP1 which, Microsoft still considers to be current and puts out updates for that version, does not mean that I am not up to date with my software. Just because I don't want to go to SP2 does not mean what I have is not up to date. As long as Microsoft is supporting and putting out updates for any particular version I consider that to be up to date. I am just sorry that you spend time looking for small errors in people's statements and not more time in helping t
  24. Big thanks to both of you!! At least I know I am not loosing my mind Have a great day, Normandie
  25. I was just wondering if any of you could help me. From time to time a "favorite" will show up in Internet Explorer 6 that is called "Links" , it is empty so I will delete it. Then some time will pass and it shows up again. I have run all the spyware programs available, none of them find anything. I have run CCleaner, it still comes back. None of my other settings in Internet Explorer are changed, not the home page, etc. It is really weird. I am using: Windows XP home sp1 -- French version Internet Explorer 6 (please don't tell me to switch, that is not the solution, even if you think a
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