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  1. Thanks, but with IE I find some folders in Macromedia, but there are about 6 and I don't know which one's to add. I guess the easy thing would be to delete "FlashPlayer" Have a good day, Normandie
  2. Which folder exactly did you put there? Thanks, Normandie
  3. Andavari, It is there where you said it would be, but CCleaner still does not show it in the "Applications tab". I think Macromedia is trying to hide.(See my previous reply) Thanks, Normandie
  4. MrG, I just did a search in my registry and every where I searched for MacroMedia, I found "flashpaper" & not "flashplayer" looks to me as if they are trying to hide from you. I don't know, I am not a programer, but it looks odd. What I have installed I installed directly from MacroMedia's site. Have a nice day, Normandie
  5. Thanks so much, you are a great person!!! Have a nice day, Normandie
  6. Andavari, Thanks for the information. You do not know of an installation file that can be used to install "FlashPlayer" once downloaded? I feel a little threatened, not seeing what is being installed. I did finally find what is called an "uninstaller" on their site, here is the url: http://www.macromedia.com/shockwave/download/alternates/ Thanks for all the help, Normandie
  7. englishmen, Does this sound as if macroMedia is changing something so CCleaner will not work or are they doing some sneaky? I find it just a little shady! Have a good day, Normandie
  8. Just installed MarcoMedia Flash Player from their site, it said version 7.0.19 and when I run CCleaner and look in applications, it does not show up anywhere so I can check it to be cleaned. Is this normal? How do I make it show up? Thanks, Normandie
  9. Well, all of this became unimportant for the moment, Monday I installed an update for WordPerfect Office 12 & it scambled my HD. Could not startup in safe mode, could not start up with "last good configuration", tried it all, then just gave up and formatted the little devil and reinstalled everything from clean, so now it is clean and the 3rd program I installed after Windows XP, the firewall, SP2 update, Virus program and then CCleaner so hopefully the registry is pretty clean now and I will try to keep it that way. Thanks for all your help & advice, Normandie
  10. Sniper, I agree with you 100%! I am old enough to remember a Fram oil filter commercial that the guy said " you can pay me now or pay me later", he said that in reference to not getting a filter with the oil change in order to save a little money. In the long run if you end up burning up your computer, it would have been much wiser to have gotten the UPS. So as you said a cheaper one is better than none, but is important is to get one. The question is do you want to spend the money for a UPS now or a computer later? Have a good day, Normandie
  11. I did find the following to download, but is it the same as MacroMedia Flash Player? It's file name is "MacroMedia FlashPlayer 7 winax English.exe" but when I clicked on the file to install it said something about installing an "active x", I am sorry to be so stupid, but is this the one and same thing as "Flash Player"? Is Flash Player in reality an "active x" component? Sorry to bug you all so much, Normandie
  12. 1. One thing I am not comfortable with MacroMedia is that I have not yet found a place to download it, MacroMedia wants it installed from their site. 2. I cannot find a way to uninstall it is I want to as it is not listed in the files "Add - Delete" in Windows. 3. You can not change settings on MacroMedia Flash except from their site. If I could solve these 3 I would feel a little better. Thanks all & have a good day, Normandie
  13. bpm3K, Thanks a lot for those notes!!! I had installed MacroMedia, but was a little concerned & when you posted I went to SpyWareBlaster and found the "flash killer" that is great, thanks for the advice. I will leave it "killed" until I see a site where I just have to have it. Thanks again!!! Have a good day, Normandie
  14. I should have known that was coming Thanks, Normandie
  15. Thanks to both of you, I have installed, but how do you disable it? I can't find it listed anywhere. Thanks again, Normandie
  16. Hey folks, 1. Just had to reformat and reinstall Windows XP and somehow one thing that did not get reinstalled was Marcomedia Flash Player. Do I really need it? Of all the sites that I normally surf only one has given me an error from time to time and said that I need it. I don't want to install anything that is really not needed. 2. Is it "spyware", "adware" I read somewhere that all it is good for is lots of popups and banner ads on the net. 3. If I need it is there more than one "brand" or just macromedia? I am using IE. (I know you are going to tell me to get Firefox ) 4.
  17. docta13, I do know one thing that the specific drivers for the material installed comes on the original CD, that is video card, sound card, dvd burner, etc. You can always get those back off of interent, but the computer will not run at its best until it is done. I kept a CD from a computer that I junked and a friend bought a used computer that did not have the orignal CD's. We tired the one I had left over and ran into lots of "driver" problems for the material installed and finished by have to order the original and redo the work we had already done. We did all this to save time because
  18. So if I am understanding it right the 4MEG+ file that I would download is just the intallation file and it will download the rest of what I want when I pick the type of installation. Is that right? Have a nice day, Normandie
  19. DjLizard, Thanks for the advice, just a few questions: 1. Can firefox & IE exist on the same computer, do you have to uninstall IE to install firefox? 2. Is the firefox installation complete or do you have to hunt a bunch of plugins. I noticed on their site that there is a ton of plugins, how do I know what I need? Thanks for the help, Normandie
  20. rridgely, Thanks for the info, I will try that. Have a nice day, Normandie
  21. Tarun, Excuse me, but I guess I was not clear. It is not my office that has it blocked, but Internet Explorer that blocked the download. That is why I wondered with the new scurity features. Thanks, Normandie
  22. Tarun, I think I did it really right by installing the SP2 update while the computer had just reinstalled Windows XP so there were no programs on it. I installed all my software one at a time and everything is back and there were not programs that even hesitated about installing or so far running. I guess for all bad things, the "WordPerefect update 12" messing up my HD got me to get a really clean install with SP2, so I am a happy camper for the moment. I do have one question though. I went to download a file from a site that I know well, my business office and explorer said
  23. A word to all, I hesitated to update to SP2 & then today I was doing an update for another program and it TOTALLY wiped out my disk. I cound not start in safe mode, could do nothing so I formatted, reinstalled Windows XP and did the update to SP2 before installing anything else and all is oging good. Just tired from having to reinstall everything and get it all set back up. Have a good day, Normandie
  24. Andavari, Thanks, I deleted the entries and the computer seems to still be running I even restarted it to see if there would be problems and so far none I reran CCleaner afterwards and in issues nothing was found so I guess all is good. I just wanted to get rid of more junk in the registry if it does not serve anything. Again thanks & have a dood day, Normandie
  25. Hey folks, Have another question. I ran CCleaner & I love it, but under "Issues", it did not show the following entry & I wonder if it is safe to go into the registry & delete it. I installed "xnview" then decided I did not want it, so uninstalled it and I have found the entries below in the registry: Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00 [HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\XnView.bmp] [HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\XnView.bmp\shell] [HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\XnView.bmp\shell\open] There is one for "wmf", "jpg" etc., none of the keys have a value. I was wondering if it is safe to del
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