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  1. I have been using CCleaner for sometime now and love it. I have unchecked AVG because I wasn't sure about what CCleaner is deleting. I have AVG Plus Firewall and I checked the AVG checkbox just to see and it lists almost 30 meg of files. Here are my questions, please don't get upset, I am asking to find out not accuse. I trust CCleaner or I wouldn't be using it. I just like to understand what is being deleted. 1. What are the files that CCleaner is deleting? 2. Is there any chance that AVG will need some of them in the future? 3. I noticed that the email logs are getting really big, are
  2. Andavari, Very good point, I will delete that key right away. And here I thought I had gotten smart. Again Thanks, Normandie
  3. Andavari, I ended up putting the new stuff in winapp2.ini and leaving the original alone. Think for now that will be better. Thanks for all the help, Normandie
  4. Andavari, I also just realized that there is another key needed: FileKey4=%ProgramFiles%\ewido anti-spyware 4.0\reports|*.txt This is where the new version stores all of it's scan reports so I figured that could get out of hand so I tried to add this key and it works great. In fact I am begginning to wonder if the FileKey 1 & 2 are even need for the new version, since the regkey has changed. Wonder if there needs to be 2 separate entries for ewido, 1 for version 3.5 and another for version 4. Thanks again you put me on the right track, Normandie
  5. Andavari, I finally figured it out. The line: Detect=HKLM\Software\ewido needs to be: Detect=HKLM\Software\ewido anti-spyware I looked in the registry and it is no longer listed as just "ewido", but but "ewido anti-spyware" Once I made that change it shows up again. Thanks for all your help, Normandie
  6. Andavari, Here is all that I have done, I will try to put them in order so that they make sense: 1. I had Ewido 3.5 installed. At this point it was listed with CCleaner. 2. I uninstalled ewido 3.5 3. Ran CCleaner to get rid of the trash. 4. Opened the registry with regedit, looked for all references to "ewido" and deleted them. I wanted to make sure when I installed version 4 that there were no left overs that would cause problems. 5. At this point it was no longer listed in CCleaner 6. Installed ewido 4.0 and it is of course still not listed in CCleaner. 7. I
  7. Andavari, Thanks so very much I tried what you said, still did not show up in the list of applications, so I took a chance and looked in the registry with regedit and found the CCleaner options and all the apps were listed there with their value of "true" or "flase" but "ewido", it was not there at all. I do not know how to add it so I have done nothing else so far. I tried an uninstall and reinstall of CCleaner and the vlaues for ewido were still not in the registry. Thanks, Normandie
  8. I am affraid to attempt that, is there a code that I can add to the winapp2.ini file and if so what would that be? As I said that is beyond my league. Thanks, Normandie
  9. I even tried a reinstall of CCleaner and that did not change anything either, not sure what to do at this point, just wait and see. Normandie
  10. Maybe, I was tooooo thorough, which I doubt, but things do happen oh well, I guess I will live if it does not clean out the ewido files Have a good day, Normandie
  11. hazelnut, I had 3.5 installed and it showed up under applications. Before I installed 4.0 (anti-spyware), I uninstalled 3.5 & I ran CCleaner and deleted all references and then (maybe I was dumb, this happens to me ) I went into the registry and deleted all references to ewido 3.5, (I am sometimes to thorough) then installed 4.0 and it does not show up now in CCleaner. Of course all the directories are different now that it is 4.0 anti-spayware. Don't know if that is the reason or I just made a really BIG mistake. Thanks for the response & have a good day, Normandie
  12. Just upgraded to Ewido 4.0 and it no longer shows in the application part of CCleaner (version 1.30.310). Does this need an upgrade? or is there a way to add it? Thanks, Normandie
  13. Andavari, Thanks a lot, this will work out fine. I appreciate you taking the time to help. Have a great day, Normandie
  14. JDPower, I don't know about the functionality, but if you keep 3.5 it won't update now, at least I have not been able to do it since this morning. It says "no update available". I have been following a thread at Wilder's that talks about this and it has been my experience too. I finally found this link at the Wilder's forum where you can download the updates: http://www.ewido.net/en/download/updates/ The thread at Wilder's is at: http://www.wilderssecurity.com/showthread.php?t=135997 I installed version 4 and did like it until I noticed that it actvated "guard" without me w
  15. I may not understand all you are wanting to do, but if you are trying to uninstall WMP I found instructions here: http://www.microsoft.com/windows/windowsme...stallation.mspx It says there the following: Q. How do I uninstall the Player? A. Windows Media Player is a feature of the Windows operating system and cannot be removed entirely. However, depending upon which version of the Player and Windows that you are using, you might be able to roll back to the version of the Player that was previously on your computer. The procedure varies depending upon which version of the Pl
  16. JDPower, Thanks for the help, yes I posted both places, hoping for an answer, the one's on the Mozilla forum did the trick, but I like you post, because it can show me how to know what is gong on in the chrome files. Thanks & have a good day, Normandie
  17. Is it possible & if so how do I change the color of the background of the bookmarks window when it is on the side? My eyes are not what they used to be and sometimes after clicking on a bookmark it is difficult to see which one I clicked on in the sidebar. Thanks for the help in advance & have a good day, Normandie
  18. Well, since there was so much debate on this I decided to try both. I had adblock+ installed on my machine and so I uninstalled it and installed adblock. I can say that it definetly loads pages a whole lot faster now with adblock than with adblock+, there are a few things I miss like being able to right click on the icon to get options and deactivate it if needed, but the speed difference is amazing. So far adblock seems to be running correctly and I will see what happens in the next few days. Have a good day, Normandie
  19. I don't know what is the best now, with all of this, Adblock or Adblock+, what is the big difference? Why one over the other? Thanks, Normandie
  20. Well, I am glad I am not going Crazy . I love the Button Pack, it is really great!!! Thanks so much for puttting the links back!!! Have a good day, Normandie
  21. I may be crazy, but I was sure I saw a post from rridgely this morning with 2 links, 1 to a theme for FF, the other for a button pack extension. I was rused and didn't have time to look into it and now can't find it. Did the post get deleted or did I just dream it up? Thanks & have a good day, Normandie
  22. rridgely, Thanks for the information, I will sleep more peacefully now I already use adblock & will add the filter G. I do so appreciate you taking time to help out. It is so nice to know that we can count on good answers from people that can help us!! Have a great day, Normandie
  23. Well, I gues my question about the isp in France (wanadoo.fr) that shows "doubleclick.net" as wanting to execute javascript is this, 1. Is this a branch or a form of the spyware doubleclick? 2. Is this in your opinion trying to execute something that will harm a computer? 3. Is this in your opinion a form of spyware hidden in a javascript form? 4. Is there reason to worry about this? Why? I of course never noticted this before using FF with Noscript, I went there often with IE and of course it never shows anything & now I am wondering what this is all about. Sorry to ask all
  24. Thanks that is comforting, know anything about the other one "doubleclick.net", I have noticed it on wanadoo.fr, a French ISP. Thanks, Normandie
  25. I have noticed this too and also on some sites "doubleclick.net" shows up wanting to be activated. These concern me but have not found any help yet. Have a good day, Normandie
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