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  1. No, I do not have any 'Custom Files' specified. I am beginning to suspect the 'portable' version of CCleaner on my machine (which is v1.35.424) - I started using this rather than the normal, installed version recently.
  2. No, I use no skins. However, I am using CCleaner in 'portable' mode - f that is relevant. Why do I want to preserve 'desktop.ini'? Because it is the only clue I have as to why my desktop is being resent to its 'default' look, rather than my customised look.
  3. I'm running on Win XP (SP2), though I have my desktop to show in Windows Classic view. Recently this has begun reverting to the Win XP style. On examining the content of the 'CCleaner' list of objects marked for deletion - I notice the 'desktop.ini' on the list. Always. Why? Question - I am not sure what a '.ini' file classifies as under the categories of exclusion - I need to stop this removal until such time as CCleaner sorts this glitch out. Thanks
  4. Vartkes

    WebFldrs XP

    I was exploring the 'Tools' option of CCleaner and came across the item 'WebFldrs XP' on the list. I'm tempted to uninstall it... but.. I cannot find it anywhere on my system (yes, I have 'show hidden files' enabled.) I cannot find it on the standard 'Add/Remove programs' section of Windows XP either. Anyone know what this is - and is it safe to remove? Thanks
  5. Today I came across the suggestion that emptying the 'Prefetch' folder periodically (in XP) helps speed up start up (and shut down) of the system - by getting rid of long unused prefetch codes. An ideal (and safe) thing for CCleaner to do? -- kes
  6. Hi burtman Thanks for that observation. I'll keep an eye out to see if it happens at certain times of the day and not others e.g. when the system is flushing itself of old files in the cache anyway. -- Kes
  7. I'm running the latest version of CCleaner on Windows XP SP2. When I press 'Analyze' the program comes back with some large amount of tmp files to be deleted (this morning it was 86MB) However, when I follow this up immediately with 'Run Cleaner' the amount deleted is much smaller (this morning 12.1 MB). Strangely, when I follow this up with another 'Analyze' - this time CCLeaner comes back with '0.0 MB' ie it no longer finds the original debris. What is going on - anyone any ideas? -- Kes
  8. I am running CCleaner (latest version - 1.25.201, just installed) on an old NT machine. I just noticed that that when I run 'analyse' it does not pick up stuff in the System Recycle Bin. (Yes, the option is ticked under the 'windows' pane on the left.) Is this a known bug or limitation (as in IE History cleaning under NT? ) The CCleaner works fine with an XP machine - it picks up all items in the 'Recycle bin'.
  9. OK. Just this once . I installed the VB6 update, and the problem is solved - for me at least. However, this does mean that the needed files distributed with CCleaner are failing to install / override outdated versions (?). Thanks.
  10. Hi Here is the advice I got in a parallel discussion thread. (http://forum.CCleaner.com/index.php?showtopic=1556&st=0) "This is a shot in the dark, but do you have the latest Visual Basic 6 Runtime? Get the <a href="http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?FamilyId=7B9BA261-7A9C-43E7-9117-F673077FFB3C&displaylang=en">here</a> if you don't." Although I was hesitant about installing it - I did, and the problem is sloved. (I am also running CCleaner on Win 98 SE). Hope this helps. Vartkes
  11. OK, whatever. I have now uninstalled CCleaner. I'll wait until there is a more reliable version released.
  12. You're right ... it reads C:\Windows (sloppy typing)
  13. Yes, you're right -- C:\Windows
  14. Er... do I *need* the latest Visual Basic 6 for CCleaner to run correctly? (Why is this not one of the stated system requirements?) I do not want to install any software just on spec. Regards Vartkes
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