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  1. I did what you said and installed the slim version. However, the same problem occurs. Any more suggestions would be appreciated.
  2. This is the first time I have used CCleaner. It is installed to C:\Program Files\CCleaner When I click on the desktop icon, it goes to an hourglass for a split second and then nothing. I can still use my computer, I just can't open the program. When I click on the desktop icon multiple times quickly, I can see a window for CCleaner open for a split second, but then it closes. I assume I installed the CCleaner v2.05.555 - Standard Build version. Is that the one that is mirrored on the main download page?
  3. I have read through the entire thread and tried the suggestions. However, I still cannot keep the program open. I have downloaded ccsetup205.exe from http://www.CCleaner.com/download/downloading (the alternative choice) My operating system is Windows XP Professional SP2
  4. I just recently installed CCcleaner, the latest version. I saved the install file to my computer, but whenever I try to start it up, it immediately closes! Any help would be appreciated. I am using Windows XP Pro SP2.
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