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  1. I was very careful on the VISTA from DELL. A space was created with recovery items in it, I did not touch that since I have WINXP, 32 bit and the ASUSTeK. It is my friend's VISTA, 32 bit I have had WIN98SE and WINME so I know what the Defrag did. The entire Hard drive was pushed into one end of the drive and had a space for each area (one block). My friend who has the Vista now, could not get it past 10%. I put it into safe mode and ued Defrag on his WIN98SE. It was defragged 100%. It does not work that way on WINXP. I have already tried that. **[[so, the improvement is to get all those files compacted better with Defraggler]]** I' m tempted to extract Defrag from my WIN98SE CD onto the desktop. A few of the Media files have already been added to WINXP Media and ALL are a replacement for WINXP Media file and addition are in Wallpaper file from the same. Darrell
  2. Had Auslogics Disk Defrag ad it not as good as Defraggler. Darrell [darclew3]
  3. ? I put in my 100 MB Zip drives. At The top it has "Action" and select Defrag Drive.? Much to my surprise , the 6 zip drives are now 4 with two empty ones. The red turns yellow and another shows as green and it will end up blue!! It is better than WINXP Home Edition for I can see all the files listed, check which ones have .LOG and then I can search for them in their location, using Search. IE WindowsUpdate.LOG is Windows Update, TZ.LOG is just TZ.I go to the top of each of these overloaded items and select Edit-Select All, Delete and Save. It even lists their locations. Darrell aka darclew3 I am a-awaitng for the next RC!!!
  4. Guest Jim, I caught that I knew what had to be done, if you get a C:\System Volume Information\_restore If you see a virus or spyware in that place, you have no alternative but to turn off System Restore. Then any of your antivirus or antispyware can remove it. I have in my computer Ad-Aware 2007 and when I scan after turning the System Restore (at 200MB!) there only one restore point for I stop the scan when it hits hosts, set system restore point, finish and to top left to close. BTW, I have WINXP Home Edtion and they are there also. Another cleaner, EasyCleaner (not usable in Vista) will list them when I list what is in the drive by GB. I will go so far as to say that this is a topic in http://forums.cnet.com in Vista Forum. WINXP forum & Spyware,viruses and security forum. Darrell PS-Those other file I also saw some were LOGS and and I edited and deleted them and saved. One had to do with Event Viewer and that is located in Administrative Tools and I just delete them and NO Save! there was only one item in there. PPS- Correction, on Vista it is System Volume Information only but the WINXP has at the end - \_restore. The Vista U saw was a Home Premium, refurbushed and had MSN Messenger 8.5 in it and is now 8.1 with 8 other corrections made by me
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