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  1. Now, it looks like there are 3 people anyway that have encountered this. I would expect a lot more if it was a standard false positive as how many people out there are running CCleaner and ZAP with same definition updates? Better go do some work now. Cheers
  2. Was the exact same trojan(Win32.Backdoor.Delf.cir) that was flagged. I have ZAP anti-spy set to update and scan daily, so was flagged on my system this morning. Have checked the ZA forum and there is one post entered today with same issue, but no replys as yet. IIRC it was only in past 7-10 days that I updated to latest CCleaner version. Cheers Graham
  3. I had the exact same issue. Been using CCleaner and Zonealarm for months without issue, so why would this trojan be flagged now if it's a false positive? Updated CCleaner from filehippo a few days ago. Not 100% sure of details as I have deleted CCleaner as a precaution for now, but it was latest version. Graham
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