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  1. Thanks Nergal and nukecad, I use Custom Clean. I looked at Easy Clean but it looked like it would not give ME the control I wanted. I went ahead and cleaned out my Internet Explorer temporary files. It looks like it only removed the temporary files from my Internet Explorer browser, which is what I wanted. David
  2. I only use Internet Explorer to update Windows. A year or so ago I told CC to clean "Internet Explorer - Temporary Internet Files". I soon discovered it also removed temporary internet files in my other browsers. The other browsers were not checked for cleaning under "Applications". I never clean more than one area at a time. I always verify other areas are unchecked before cleaning anything. Does CC consider "Internet Explorer - Temporary Internet Files" to mean ALL temporary Internet files? Right now, CC says I have 2667 Temporary Internet Files under the Internet Explorer option.
  3. Thanks for the 7 to 10 upgrade link. I've considered going to Windows 10 for one of my 3 computers later this summer. The second one will be converted to a network file server. The 3rd one will stay as Windows 7 (with no internet access) until I can find newer versions of ancient software for that PC that will run on Windows 10. I have a 4th PC that runs Linux. By the way... I go back to the DOS 3.0 days when I used an IBM-PCAT, an IBM-PCXT, a DEC 1134, a DEC 1140 and a Burroughs Mainframe at work.
  4. Nukecad - Thanks for the reply. I scan for registry issues every few weeks just to see what CCleaner found. As a rule of thumb I very rarely select "Fix selected issues" for everything. I'll only "Fix selected issues" if, and only if, I am 100% sure. That is usually only for entries that say "Unused Files Extension". Never EVER do I let windows update itself immediately after an update is released. In the last year or two many Microsoft updates have been very buggy. I'll let others be the guinea pig for Microsoft. I updated Windows back in March. I did it again in early June. I s
  5. I've been using CCleaner for many years. I'm on version 5.58.7209. A few weeks ago when I had a previous version, the "Registry Cleaner" showed pages and pages of entries for "Invalid Firewall Rule". I thought maybe there was a bug in CCleaner but my new version is showing 2844 entries for "Invalid Firewall Rule". The Registry Key for ALL of them says: "HKLM\SYSTEM\ControlSet001\services\SharedAccess\Parameters\FirewallPolicy\FirewallRules". Another thread mentioned they were the result of previously installed software. I looked through the list and many of the entries are for soft
  6. I have v5.45.661 installed on my Windows 7 PC. The free version of CCleaner. When I click on "Check for updates" in the lower right corner of CCleaner, CCleaner website says "A new version, 5.44.6575 is available to download!" On that page when I click on the "no thanks" for the upgrade version, the Filehippo page says "CCleaner 5.44.6577". If my version is 5.45 , why is the newer version 5.44 ? And why the discrepancy between the last digit of what the CCleaner website says (6575) and what Filehippo says (6577)? Thanks - David
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