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  1. Thank you for your reply. However, that begs the question that everyone who uses Windows XP home should have that same folder. Is that true?
  2. Thanks DjL for trying to help me. You may have a point. I looked at c:\windows\off line web pages and the folder looks funny. Instead of the familiar yellow folder icon, it is gray with two curvy arrows, one pointing up, one pointing down. There is nothing in the folder, unless it is a hidden file. Unfortunately I don't know how to make hidden files visible.
  3. When I try to delete temporary files the conventional way in XP, [ start > programs > accessories > system tools > disk cleanup] there is always one folder in the list which never gets emptied. It is called “Webclient/Publisher temporary files” and leaves 32Kb undeleted. I tried your CCleaner and it didn't work. That particular folder never gets emptied, and always shows 32Kb. Question is why.
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