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  1. I was too busy rebooting my computer and looking at a losy firefox browser to do any cleaning with CC, so Windows 10 just suck in general.
  2. I installed Windows 10 last night, played with it for about 10 hours, got very long boot time, many BSOD's and the wrong SATA AHCI drivers. Reinstalled my Windows 7 backup image and will stay away from Windows 10 for as long as possible.
  3. Go to ccleaner.ini in the ccleaner folder and change the Monitoring line from 1 to 0. You are right, changing the Enable System Monitoring will not stop the monitoring.
  4. Go to ccleaner.ini in the ccleaner folder and change the Monitoring line from 1 to 0. You are right, changing the Enable System Monitoring will not stop the monitoring. Jack.
  5. You may be loging on under diferent user name or there is someone using your computer when you are away.
  6. You may have to logon as SomeUser to be able to clean the Dropbox folder.
  7. How can you wipe it if CCleaner is runnig in the native system. Just do a clean install of W7 or W8, the installation will overwrite all your existing data.
  8. You are right, the information is in the registry, you can find it at "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Piriform\CCleaner" and modify it by exporting and using standat text editor on the reg file.
  9. It is part of the ccleaner.ini file located in the ccleaner program folder, you can edit it with any text editing program.
  10. My Ccleaner is not showing the MS SEARCH option, I think that it disappear after MS Search Helper Extension was installed. I tried making clean install of Ccleaner to see if MS SEARCH option will reappear but no luck. It is in the ccleaner.ini as "(App)MS Search=False", changing the setting to True didn't make any deference. I am not complaining because I don't use the MS SEARCH option, I just wander why this option disappeared. Attached is a copy of my ccleaner.ini file. ccleaner.txt
  11. You can clean the Firefox cache folder by adding it to the Option, Include list; and enabling the Advanced, Custom File and Folders; option. Just be careful not to delete too much.
  12. Just add the drive to a working computer, use Command prompt and type "DiskPart", "list disk", find the disk drive number that you want to clean, do a "select disk" and then type "clean" to removes any and all partition or volume formatting from the disk, if you type "clean all" each and every sector on the disk is zeroed, which completely deletes all data contained on the disk but it would take a long time to finish. This will clean the drive completely and make it ready for new system.
  13. Just uncheck the Office 2010 or any other Office in the Applications, Applications tab, this is working for me.
  14. You must be right, I discovered that FF4 allocate a minimum of 10MB to places.sqlite file and using Speedfox compact the file to 4MB, running FF4 will rest the places.sqlite size back to 10MB. this is done to reduce file-system fragmentation and improve performance on some systems. I assume and don't know how to check it that Ccleaner will compact the places.sqlite file only if it is larger then 10MB.
  15. I upgraded my Firefox to FF4.0 and Ccleaner to V3.05.1408, this version stopped compacting the Firefox/Mozilla database. My system is Win7-64bit and my Firefox is on drive F, the program clears all the other items of Firefox such as cache, history, cookies etc. the only item that is not working is the compact databases. The configuration setup file has this setting: (App)Mozilla - Compact Databases=True
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