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  1. CCleaner had good reg cleaner...and realy fast (a registry cleaner is not about how many errors it find instead how they find ONLY that can cause problems)
  2. go here !!!! maximum of 10 downloads !! just UNINSTALL then INSTALL it ENJOY !!!
  3. ill go with..avast becoz.. AVAST is double purpose you can use it as AV and ALARM as well by the way i am now using AVIRA... becoz avast is HARD,HARD to use example in midnight i love to run a full scan..avast han no AUTO MOVE TO CHEST you must manualy click it
  4. diskeeper pro premier,perfect disk,etc-saves time,automatic,i never encountered any problem.. windows built in defragmenter-safe but it is manualy run if degragmenting a hd decrease life span of a hd why microsoft built a defragmenter in windows?
  5. in my laptop there are lot of programs installed and some of them are small in size so i like to remove large programs to save my time.. (my hard drive is only 44G)
  6. i wish that CCleaner uninstaller have a function to sort the programs to according to size...name...etc becoz i want to uninstall from bigger size to small... windows add/remove program very slow on start up not like CCleaner built in uninstaller..
  7. v2.09 is the best thanks !!!
  8. and Kaspersky(which i use) is way,way,way, better than AVAST..
  9. I would recommend: * Kaspersky AV * Zone alarm pro * Superantispyware * SpywareBlaster to protect your browsers * Firefox
  10. my COMPAQ LAPTOP has recovery partition in D: known as PC RECOVERY i can FULL re install my pc but not deleting any files...
  11. absolutely..AVG 8.0 which is FREE is way,way,way,way, better than norton anti virus
  12. how about Your Uninstaller 2008?? i am using it... and i think it is the clear winner in all uninstaller out there...
  13. now i uninstall my zone alarm pro.. i use only windows firewall...and besides i have a router i dont know if this have a hardware firewall?? 3rd party firewalls only annoying,increase my sysem startup,eats memory, .....
  14. now i know y kaspersky take long time to scan itz becoz it scans also ROOTKITS..... now i can check the setting that "scan only new and change files" i think kaspersky is the only av that have this option..
  15. i use kaspersky now..even to complete a full scan it takes 3 hour + on me
  16. is that CCleaner clean old download...in limewire? becoz after i shutdown my limewire..then use CCleaner my old download are gone...(it says the old download cannot load) what should i uncheck to CCleaner to not affect my old downloads??
  17. ZoneAlarm Pro version:7.0.473.000 TrueVector version:7.0.473.000 Driver version:7.0.473.000 Anti-spyware engine version: Anti-spyware signature DAT file version:01.200805.3875
  18. nod32 with c**** AVG when c**** is not working anymore...
  19. i know that but i dont like that becoz just "show the hidden icons" by brother see my icon
  20. its not work it is still in tray... :unsure:
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