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  1. For Windows 7: https://forum.piriform.com/topic/52325-work-around-enable-active-monitoring/?do=findComment&comment=298444
  2. For what it's worth. In Windows 7 I went into MSCONFIG and unchecked it. Worked for me.
  3. I don't have Malwarebytes installed. With version 5.45.6611 here's what's happening. Right clicking on the Recycle bin and selecting Run cCleaner appears to Analyze only. Selecting Run cCleaner a second time then appears to clean. I say "appears" only because I have not tested it extensively. Hope this helps the developers. I'm using Windows 7 Pro 32bit.
  4. Also here. With version 5.44 on Windows 7 Pro 32bit right clicking on the Recycle Bin and selecting "Run CCleaner" causes the cCleaner icon to appear briefly in the Notification Area. If I then open cCleaner and select Analyse (or Run Cleaner) I see that my system has not been cleaned. Running cCleaner at this point will clean the system.
  5. Same here on Windows 7 32bit. Accounts and profiles gone.
  6. Thank you mta and Andavari, I don't have cCleaner set up for auto updates. I update it by clicking on the link at the bottom right hand of the main page and clicking "Check for updates".
  7. I had v5.30.6063, the problem started with the version prior to 6063. I have manually downloaded the builds, I did that last time and this time and they seem to install without problem retaining my registration information. I just think it would be very convenient if I could update from within the program as I have done in the passed. I tried turning off Windows Firewall when checking for updates, it didn't help. I don't have proxy server turned on.
  8. I'm using Vista Home Basic 32 bit. When I click on "Check for updates" I'm told an update is available and shown the version number. I click on "Yes" to install the update but then get an error message saying Ccleaner could not be updated. 0x2eff: The connection to the server was reset. Does anybody know why I have the problem. I've been using CCleaner Pro for a few years without any problem. The above problem has only started just recently.
  9. Would it not be appropriate to have a cCleaner for Android subForum now that it is out. Just a thought. Would it be possible to include an option to close any open files/Apps. I have the App installed on a Galaxy Note 8 Tablet. One annoyance with this device is that if you use either of the preloaded internet browsers, Chrome being one, because they do not have an exit or close button the'll stay open in the background until you navigate to the Active Applications window and End them.
  10. Thanks guys. I was going to follow kroozer's advice but then I noticed under Options (About) a button to upgrade. When I clicked on the button a window popped up requesting registration details (and the option to buy). So on the main computer I installed over the top of the Free edition, on the laptop I used the above method and entered the registration details into the pop up window of the Free edition. No difference between the final result with either method. Hope this helps others.
  11. Happy Easter everyone. It would be nice if there was an acknowledgement of this when upgrading from Free to Pro. If there is a mention of it on the website it should be in a more prominent spot. So for newbies and us ignorami, do we have to uninstall the Free version or can we just install the Pro version over the top of the Free version. (may your chocy Easter Eggs not melt before they're eaten)
  12. oops! Sorry, misinterpreted the problem.
  13. I am one of those people whose MS Excel, in my case Excel 2000, does not delete the temporary files that Excel creates. These files end in .xls~xxxxxxxx.TMP where 'xxxxxxxx' are random characters. I've searched the web for a solution without any luck. I use CCleaner to do the work for me (or for Excel-Ms should pay royalties). Problem is that I have to create an entry via 'Add Folder' for every folder. It would be less of a hassle if there was a way to indicate that subfolders were to be included in the main folder that is entered. Thanks for a brilliant product.
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