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  1. For Windows 7: https://forum.piriform.com/topic/52325-work-around-enable-active-monitoring/?do=findComment&comment=298444
  2. For what it's worth. In Windows 7 I went into MSCONFIG and unchecked it. Worked for me.
  3. I don't have Malwarebytes installed. With version 5.45.6611 here's what's happening. Right clicking on the Recycle bin and selecting Run cCleaner appears to Analyze only. Selecting Run cCleaner a second time then appears to clean. I say "appears" only because I have not tested it extensively. Hope this helps the developers. I'm using Windows 7 Pro 32bit.
  4. Also here. With version 5.44 on Windows 7 Pro 32bit right clicking on the Recycle Bin and selecting "Run CCleaner" causes the cCleaner icon to appear briefly in the Notification Area. If I then open cCleaner and select Analyse (or Run Cleaner) I see that my system has not been cleaned. Running cCleaner at this point will clean the system.
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