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  1. Ok, I'm really impressed. Revo Uninstaller removed the program. RealProducer basic is gone from my system. I was a little skeptic about all of this and corrupting my system. The desktop icon and the Start Menu entry were left but those I just deleted. I checked with Control Panel Add/Remove Programs and the listing was gone. I checked with CCleaner and it was not in the list of programs to remove. I downloaded Revo Uninstaller and installed it. Didn't even really look over the program at all. Saw that Uninstall was the first icon. I chose to uninstall and found RealProducer Basic in the
  2. sorry I'm not very good with this post and review process. The program is RealProducer Basic Yes was installed under C:\Program Files
  3. RealProducer Basic by RealNetworks yes installed under c:\programs
  4. yes, the Windows Installer Cleanup Utility was one of the first things recommended. the problem is the program doesn't even appear in the list of installed programs after you launch. Yes I believe Windows utility could fix this but if it doesn't appear, then what?
  5. I have been a user of RegSupreme Pro by Macecraft for a long time. A major software company recommended CCleaner to me to fix an uninstall problem. I have an installed program that Windows can't uninstall. If you launch their .exe to install again it offers the REMOVE button to remove previous version. Yes, completes and finishes with no problems. But the program is still there like nothing has changed. so I ran CCleaner and Registry cleaner and it fixed a lot of things. Not this program. Does not change anything. I've actually gone back to the senior software engineer that recommended CClean
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