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  1. Hi Glenn, Thanks for the post and interest. I need to check both points out and come back to you. regards
  2. Thanks again Hazel and Glenn, Unfortunately the problem continues at (say 1 in 4 reboots) and the knowledgebase article was 'atypical microsoft'...of limited use or guidance. I have not been able to delete the files once CCleaner generates them...I will attempt so with the unlocker. Onward and upward eh? regards
  3. Thanks Glenn, I will give deletion a go, and read the support article, Please advise what 'unlocker' is. regards Lethal
  4. Hi, I am using the latest version of CCleaner ( 2.05.555 ), and windows xp appears to be having a problem with a file named 'Perflib_Perfdata_95c.dat' (corrupt)...and chkdsk is recommended by windows and starts at the next boot. I run with 2gb of RAM, Core2Duo 2.33 GHz, and an NVIDIA 8600GT. I dont believe 'chkdsk' can be run manually from the start menu's (i would apprecaite correction and guidance as to how to, if I am incorrect). Is there a problem with the latest version? I have downloaded it a second and third time...with the same result. Appreciate any advice/comment. thanks Lethal
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