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  1. Yes, I added the PDFCreator folder to the Folder Includes, there was vast amounts of debris in it - would be a good addition for the program
  2. Description: Program colours can be unreadible. Some colours used in the program are from the system colours, whilst others are explicitly defined in the program. Mixing these together creates problems when you have reverse colour themes. Example: See this screenshot example (http://www.paintdrawer.co.uk/temp/cc.png): In the above example, blue is the system backcolor, and black is the forecolor defined in the program. Had it picked up the system forecolor, white text would have been used. Had a black backcolor been picked up, it would have been entirely unviewable. Affects: The problem affects the 'cleaner' and 'registry' tabs. You may want to check other products and programs. Solution: Never mix system and non-system colors - use entirely one or entirely the other. Thanks for a fab program! d
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