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  1. Already tried deleting then re-adding the custom path, but problem still persists. Edit; Just some added info if it helps any. Running Vista SP2 x86. CCleaner Slim v.2.30. Tried a clean install and no change.
  2. Hi Added the path C:\sandbox\username\*.* to custom file delete, and selected the option; Include files, subfolder and the folder itself, but still it leaves the folder C:\sandbox\username\defaultbox. I've also noticed this only started happening in the last couple of versions. Regards, RD. Edit; Using CCleaner v2.30
  3. Hi, I've always used CCleaner to securely delete Sandboxie's contents using the path: C:\Sandbox\Username\*.* This has worked fine up until a couple of (CCleaner) versions back. Lately when I delete the sandbox with CCleaner, I'm left with the sandbox name subfolder: Eg: C:\Sandbox\Username\DefaultBox The contents are erased but the folder remains, which I then have to remove manually using SB. Not a big problem I know, just reporting .
  4. So glad I found this thread, exactly what I was looking for. Should of known that for cleaning leftover junk from a computer, where better to look than the CCleaner Forum. Thanks so much Guys, no more Google toolbar leftovers.
  5. NightBird, From your normal (standard) account, follow the path below; start > computer > C: > program files > CCleaner Inside the CCleaner file, right click CCleaner, in the context menu go to "send to" > desktop (create shortcut) This will create a CCleaner shortcut on your normal (standard) account desktop, allowing you to use CCleaner for that account. Good luck.
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    Thanks davey, you've been very helpful.
  7. Hi Everyone, Just started using CCleaner a few weeks ago and find it a great program, no problems at all, just a couple of queries if I may. When I installed, shortcuts were created in the admin account where I installed it only, not a big problem, on the other accounts I just navigated to the CCleaner folder and created shortcuts from there. I uninstalled/reinstalled v2.04.543 twice and v2.05.555 once and got the same results. Anyway just wanted to know if this was normal. Also after reading other posts on the Forum I wanted to know if my cleaning speed was normal. 19.8mb in 238.508 secs. 7 passes. 9.48mb in 55.385 secs. 7 passes. my settings below. Don't know if it matters but I use Vista Prem. Thanks for any feedback.
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