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  1. here's screenshot - note the time taken
  2. 1 pass Summarising the issue :- Used CCleaner for a long time (Sep. '04) - no speed issues - settings remained constant throughout many upgrades (just checked the download files, 21 of them since version 1.13) Last version 2.05 idownloaded and installed and hey whoa! this is not right!, hence the original post. No settings were altered in the latest upgrade (I checked after seeing the first run took 2 to 3 minutes). Haven't had chance to uninstall and retry earlier version 2.01 yet : family health issue has kept me a bit bus - but if the install goes OK I already know what to expect, i used it for nearly 5 months.
  3. I think the problem revolves around the "Secure File Delete" option. With this option switched ON, cleaning with 88 files in the Temp Int Files folder took about 9 seconds, the file display probably displaying the filename of about 1 in 10 files. With the option switched OFF, cleaning is very quick, too fast to quantify, but less than a second. Nothing was displayed in the CCleaner window during this cleaningi process. I started this thread after updating from an earlier version, and all personalised configuration settings were retained, as is usual in the upgrade process. Although I can't be 100% certain, I believe I had secure file delete turned on before the update. That would make sense, there's no point only half-hiding your browsing history IMHO, there is something different in the later version. When I get chance (possibly tomorrow) I will revert to previous version and run similar tests.
  4. Apologies, the previous version I had installed was 2.01, not 2.04 I do agree a "log" to see what was deleted is a benefit, but to display each file as it is deleted for nearly a second is pointless and a waste of time. If this faeture is needed, then it should be an option you select before starting the scan, as you would not want it every time. Anthony A's reply, quoting 11Mb cleaned in less than a second leads me to believe there is a problem with my installation. I will uninstall, re-install, and post back results.
  5. By example, before posting that last post, I ran CCleaner, then logged in and made the post. After closing browser, (note no other pages visited), I ran CCleaner again - it took 18 seconds to clean the PC of 1 visit to this forum !!
  6. How about other users - anyone else notice the file name display, each file deleition now takes about 1 second, i can see them as they are deleted - so a "busy" cache takes "busy" seconds - last one i ran took nearly 2 minutes !! thats only a couple hours riding the waves.... If it makes a difference I use Win 2K Pro
  7. Recently upgraded to v2.05.55 from 2.04 The new version is, IMHO, about 5 to 10 times slower than the previous. I've even reduced the size of the IE Temp files cache but still not happy with the performance. Is this to do with it displaying what it is deleting ? I don't remember 2.04 doing this. Can anything be done to restore the speed ? What's the best procedure to restore v2.04 if the speed issue can't be fixed ?
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