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  1. So, just doing my usual "every 2 or 3 years" bump of this request. After many, many years with Recuva, these are still my main wish-list items that I don't think would be that difficult to implement. I'm not asking for much here. :-) In any case I missed it, do we have any of these yet? Here's the quick summary: 1. Ability to filter out any images from the Thumbnail view that can't show an image (i.e. that show "No Preview Available"). 2. Ability to pre-load all of the thumbnails instead of just the visible page. 3. Ability to save or modify a custom filter -- even if i
  2. Just wanted to bump this up since this wish-list from years ago is still my top wish-list that I think would be a good enhancement to Recuva. And I'd add one more: The ability to save a custom filter. Heck, even if I had to edit the registry or something as a workaround, I'd really love a way to define my own filters for specific extensions that I want to see. I'm tired of having to change it manually every time I want to do a search/filter. - John...
  3. Um, yes, I noticed there is a newer version and have upgraded to it now. Are you saying that this is a KNOWN ISSUE with v2.15 through v2.17 then? Or are you just ignoring the issue because I happen to not be running the latest version? I have since upgraded and the scheduled weekly scan will run soon and I'll see if it does it again. But I am fairly certain that it WILL happen again. Which leads us back to my original question/issue. - John...
  4. I am running Defraggler on a Server 2008R2 box. I have set it up to run scheduled defrags on Sundays. I used the GUI interface to do this, and it created a standard looking Task for it that executes this: C:\Program Files\Defraggler\df64.exe "C:" /ts /user "Administrator" /appPath "C:\Program Files\Defraggler" It seems to work well. However, today I happened to look in the Defraggler folder and found that there are large log files that seem to get created every time the scheduled task runs. They look like this: df64.exe.[2_15_742][2015-02-22_10-21].txt Why are these being c
  5. Actually, my guess is that this is instead related to the problem with recent versions of Recuva and "virtual" drive letters. Are you SURE that it doesn't show up as a drive letter? Look and see if it does. If it DOES give it a drive letter, but Recuva still does not see it -- then this is a KNOWN PROBLEM WITH RECUVA. Try finding and installing Recuva v1.49.1019 instead of the latest versions. It sees virtual drive letters (such as those from camera devices and/or ImDisk mounted drives) just fine. I bet it will work for this. - John...
  6. Well, I'm going to have to disagree with you. If I'm looking at the Thumbnail view, there is very often a very large percentage of images with "no preview available." I don't care if there MIGHT be a SMALL chance of recovering those -- I wouldn't be using the Thumbnail view to do it! If I'm in Thumbnail view, then I'm clearly just trying to do a quick overview of all of the images to see what might be there. Therefore, it makes logical sense to have a "hide images with no preview available" when I am in Thumbnail mode so I don't have to scroll past what is often just pages and pages and pa
  7. Just to note it, I just installed the latest version -- v1.51.1063 (64-bit) -- and it still does NOT see virtual disks. I run v1.49.1019 (64-bit) and it sees and scans it just fine. - John...
  8. Based on the fact that I first reported it well over a YEAR ago and it keeps happening, I'm not convinced that the devs will be looking at this as you suggest, sorry. It's a long-known, ongoing problem that simply doesn't get fixed. Or, more accurately, appears to get fixed in one build but then regresses back to broken in the next. Over and over and over again. - John...
  9. Is there a way to specify additional extensions for specific file types in the drop-down box? For example, I'd like .3gp to be in the "Video" type. I know that I can edit it manually and add it to the list, but sometimes I forget. Is there a way (maybe in the registry?) to let us either modify the search for the predefined types or maybe even add our own types? I'd just like them to be readily available all the time -- as opposed to me having to manually do them. Thanks!
  10. Indeed -- this appears to be an ongoing problem. Note that I reported it way back in June of 2013 when I installed v1.47.948. Note that it was working fine with v1.43.623. At the time, they seemed to work in the Wizard. In October of 2013, I posted that it had gotten even worse -- with v1.48.982, it no longer even worked in the Wizard mode! Interestingly, in v1.49.1019, it appeared to work again! I posted so -- and got thanked for letting people know. Then, in January of 2014, it was broken again in v1.50.1036! It seems to jump back and forth. I wanted to confirm that it wasn
  11. These have been mentioned over the past few years by myself and others, but I haven't seen anything recently, so I thought that I'd start a new thread specific to suggestions for the Thumbnail view. This is pretty much all I use Recuva for -- lost photo recovery. So, here's my years-long wish-list: 1. Allow a filter option to remove any images that aren't seen as valid -- where there is "no preview available" -- so that we don't have to see thousands of boxes that say "no preview available" that are pretty worthless in Thumbnail view. (You have an option to "sort by State" which kinda w
  12. Ok -- just to follow up... I wanted to confirm that this was from the Recuva side of things and not something I was doing at my end (i.e. with IMDisk version changes or something). I went and found the previous version of Recuva -- v1.49.1019. So, I have the two versions right next to each other -- v1.49 and the latest v1.50 -- both on the same machine (64-bit) and with the same mounted virtual drive. in v1.49, the mounted drive (which I have mapped to "T:") shows up just fine and can be scanned. In v1.50, it simply doesn't show it at all. It isn't an option to pick. So, jus
  13. Actually, looks like there is a problem again. I'm running the latest version (1.50.1036) and, once again, virtual drives mounted from images (using IMDisk) are not appearing as options to scan. I get this both using the 32-bit version under XP and the 64-bit version under Win7. Seems like every time there is a new build, it switches back and forth between seeing and not seeing virtual disks! - John...
  14. As an update, in v1.49.1019, I am able to view and scan virtual drives again. So, this appears to be resolved, I guess. - John...
  15. I take it back -- it has actually gotten WORSE in the latest version! I now cannot even scan an ImDisk mounted virtual drive using the Wizard! It shows up as a normal drive and I can select it, but when I try to scan it says that it is an "Invalid drive for scan." Again, this used to work just fine. Why can't I use Recuva on these any more? It is fairly standard practice for me to clone a drive to an image before I do anything with it -- then I work on just the image (mounted with ImDisk). Worked great in v1.43 and before. No longer works. - John...
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