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  1. I came across the file tvdebug.log and found from Google that it's one of those miscellaneous files created by the ZoneAlarm firewall I'm using. Apparently it's a file that just grows and grows. I also found from Google that there's a 30KB freeware program called dellater.exe that I could use to delete it, rather like CCleaner does, on the next boot. ZoneAlarm will create the log file again, but it will now start off from zero bytes, not from a few megabytes. But this means I have to run both CCleaner and dellater when I shutdown my PC. It would make life easier if CCleaner also dealt
  2. I've just started using SlimBrowser and found the UI very good - much easier for tabs than Firefox. I've now ditched Firefox from my PC and set SlimBrowser as my default browser. But CCleaner doesn't make any mention of SlimBrowser under its Applications tab, while it still lists Firefox. Now, I guess that SlimBrowser is just a smart frontend for IE, so maybe as IE is included in the Apps, CCleaner takes care of everything. Can someone confirm this?
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