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  1. EUREKA!!!!!!!! YES!!!!!!! Thanks a lot for the link to businessobjects... That was that! Such a stupid problem. There is no problem with the registry but with...the display of my two srceens... A few days ago, I've changed my workplace and the left screen where the formula editor window was opening is now my right screen so that when I open the formula editor, it's opened but I can't see it. Now it's good.... Thanks a lot
  2. Hello, I have the same problem as you. I've cleaned up the registry. I've made backups of them. I have a programm that doesn't work correctly since I use CCleaner. And when I restore the registry backups, nothing is happen. I'm in the same situation like you, and I have no solution yet...
  3. Thanks for your answer. In fact, Crystal Reports does run but everytime I want to run the formula editor, the software is ending. I've tried to uninstall Crystal et to install, but it makes the same. A few months ago, the software runs correctly and since a few days, it's always that problem when I use the formula editor. Could it be because of CCleaner? Otherwise, I don't see what...
  4. I've saved all my reg files since the first time. I never restore anyone till yet but my software Crystal Reports doesn't work correctly and I don't know why but it comes perhpas from CCleaner, don't you think that? Does that kind of thing already happen? I have 35 reg files and XP...
  5. Hello, Since I use CCleaner, it seems that some of my softwares don't work correctly (for exemple Crystal Reports). I want to restore my first .reg file which I've created the first time, but I don't know how to make this. I saw in FAQ, but I don't understand the "Merge" option... Can somebody help me???? Thanks tomate
  6. Hello everybody, I'm a new member of this forum since a few days. I've installed CCleaner a few days ago and I think it's very interessant. I've a question about the option which talk about extension of unexisting files in the register option. If this option is selected, does the programm "kill" the files of my computer which have no extension? bye
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