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  1. CC does work in win 7 for me.. 64 bit.. cleans crap and fixes reg, only problem i have is the option to run from recycle bin right click wont stick... beta or not.. its still windows and i still have crap and reg issues, and so they still need to be cleaned!
  2. Having the same problem. In my case Opera's cookiemanager is to blame. Delete cookies in Opera, they seem gone. Check again, they are back. Several threads in opera forums confirm this (just search on cookie manager). For example: http://my.opera.com/community/forums/topic.dml?id=256919 Another way to check is, open cookies4.dat in a texteditor, and you will see the cookies are still there.
  3. see: http://forum.piriform.com/index.php?showtopic=18915
  4. Why does CCleaner list these updates if there aren't any errors with them?
  5. After running CCleaner's registry cleaner, it shows me a lot (~100) of uninstall errors for Windows updates, like KB901214, KB917422,... is it safe to delete these entries or will I crash my system on the next boot doing this?
  6. I also vote for an exclude feature. I would love to not have to manually skip over all the C:\System Volume Information entries.
  7. how about an option to turn off the computer, close the program etc when completed?
  8. I checked with the usual ugly XP theme and it's indeed correct, the whole background appears in white. But why is the "compatibility" to my theme suddenly broken in this new version?
  9. Yes, I'm using a custom theme, but already since a few years and I never had this problem before in CCleaner.
  10. The latest version has a grey background colour in the tree list, but every entry has a white background stripe. The version before didn't look like that. Does this happen because CCleaner was somehow adjusted to the look of Vista? I'm using WinXP SP3.
  11. It's basically a "feature" of the iPhone. Apple, at this time, does not want the iPhone to be used in "drive" mode where you connect it via USB and see it as a drive to transfer files. Also, there is a restriction that non-Apple developed third-party software have limited or no access to Apple's core iPhone software/modules such as the picture module, etc. Now the above statements relates to "out of the box" iPhones with official Apple iPhone firmware. If you have "jailbroken" your iPhone then that's another story...
  12. Hi, I've been defragmenting with Defraggler and my system crashed (not because of Defraggler). Does Defraggler defrags 'save', so that he copies the old parts to a new place, makes an new entry in the file system table and then deletes the old part? Could it be that there are some files destroyed or disappeard now? Thanks
  13. Because of some new limitations imposed on me I have now lost the ability to use CCleaner and any other executable file. Since this is one of my most used applications I am having a hard time parting with it and because of that I was thinking of maybe making something similar using a bat file seeing as how bat files are still allowed. So I was hoping someone here with a bit more knowledge could help me out. I was thinking of using a bat file for deleting the temporary files and a reg file to delete registry entries. This is what I have found so far for the bat file: rd /s/q windows\temp m
  14. Hi: I ran CCleaner (v2.12.660) for the first time yesterday. After a reboot, when I log in, I get a message that Windows could not load my profile. Clicking OK to proceed logs me into a totally uncustomized session. When I check the %USERPROFILE% environment variable, it points to C:\Documents and Settings\TEMP. My older user profile folder still exists, but is not being used for some reason. Logging out and back in does not help either. Please help.
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