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  1. abu aufa

    damn Mcafee

    not listed in revouninstaller or add / remove program
  2. abu aufa

    damn Mcafee

    I tried to remove McAfee Application Installer CleanUp from win services but didn't succeed. here, the screenshot Also tried with HijackThis, no result remove McAfee's registry related through regedit but still appear in the services. WinPatrol also can't do anything. any ideas ?
  3. Interesting tool to check hash / sha1 for possibility malware code / infected Info here Tool is here
  4. I'm just warn you,friends. I am very disappointed with pdf x-change viewer. The latest version now has the Ask toolbar and forcing users to download. Run and read the installer carefully. anyway,I'd stick with this great Adobe Reader replacement. EDIT : I just found another good PDF Reader, have a look http://www.nuance.com/imaging/products/pdf-reader.asp
  5. I am using To Do Backup Macrium also good
  6. abu aufa

    The Buzz

    there's easiest way to turn completely off Buzz even DISABLE it. Go to Settings > Buzz > Disable Google Buzz > Done Buzz gone away
  7. already posted Here I'm gonna eat my avatar..
  8. updated 2/17/10 http://hosts-file.net/?s=Download
  9. yup why must buy if there's free good AV like Avast or Avira ?
  10. WinPatrol also had this feature and worked quite well
  11. I just visited their site and they claimed as #1 in MALWARE DETECTION Go http://mcafee.com/us/ and see slide no.3
  12. Make sure run the UNINSTALLER first, can be found athttp://download.macromedia.com/pub/flashpl...lash_player.exe then REBOOT Install the latest and test your installation HERE
  13. abu aufa

    The Buzz

    I hold back for a while do not use it when first notified of the opening Gmail.
  14. I've tried all the internet service provider here. speeds as promised, I sometimes get a slow connection during working hours, as well as optical network. complaints responded very slowly.
  15. http://www.computerworld.com/s/article/915...business_Hardly I can only dream to have a super-fast Internet network when exploring the virtual world or surfing. My ISP is unreliable.
  16. Don't panic guy I think it is in another account actually. Try to locate it. Login with all email addresses you have. or you can try to recover deleted blog from here > http://help.blogger.com/bin/request.py?con...ype=deletedblog. To recover your posts, go to Google.com and type cache:BLOG_URL hope helps
  17. http://airopia.org/ sorry if it was already posted
  18. offered at Giveawayoftheday.com on Feb 5. I used Home Edition and did pretty well. Pro Edition has create bootable disk feature.
  19. great host file manager. http://www.abelhadigital.com/
  20. For stable and security reason, I've never used Experimental Add-On.
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