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  1. abu aufa

    Help Please

    Thank for quick answer,Davey I used the cleanup tool to remove net 1.1,2.0,3.0 & 3.5.Now what ? Reinstall them ? or leave it alone and just install the latest 3.5 SP1 ? will it affected my OS? Thanks a lot
  2. abu aufa

    Help Please

    Hello.. I got some problem with my OS Yesterday, I successfully upgrade to XP SP3(no big deal).Now, windows always notify me to install net.1.1 SP1.I tried to install it but failed and failed again. How to solve this problem ? is it important to install it ? OS : XP Pro SP3 NET.FRAMEWORK 1.0,2.0,3.0 & 3.5 INSTALLED AVIRA free Thank for the support
  3. thank for your advices what your suggests if I have problem when upgrading to SP3 ? honestly, I really worry to do this because my original XP CD is missing.
  4. abu aufa

    SP2 to SP3 ?

    Hi all... I need some advices ! My PC : XP Pro SP2 Avira Personal Ad-Aware 2008 Malwarebyte's Anti Malware CCleaner 2.09 Recuva 1.16 Real Player 11 Winamp 5.54 FF3 Opera 9.51 Is it safe (now) to upgrade my OS (to SP3) ? Thank n' best regards,
  5. Hi... all Please give me some advice ? My PC has .net framework 1.1,2.0 and the latest 3.5.When windows try to install ver 1.1 SP1(through automatic updates),it didn't work,failed and failed again. I tried to find the the answer to fix this problem at Microsoft.com but I can't get it,yet. Is it safe just keep ver 2.0 and ver 3.5 and remove / uninstall ver 1.1 ? Thank
  6. games can run in my PC (XP Pro SP2,512 RAM).
  7. hello anyone can help me to find free full version games (not trial) site ? I need it for my son ? thank Best regards
  8. Hello everyone ! I have FF2 and I would like to install the latest version. Should I uninstall older version or overwrite on it ? I read at mozilla.com that FF3 better than FF2. is it possible to uninstall FF2 with REVO 1.71 (include left over files like profile) and install new one ? will crash or conflict each other ? thank best regard
  9. abu aufa

    Restore XP

    I have tried Malwarebytes Anti malware & RougeRemover free,the result is the same. is it safe to update SP3 now?
  10. abu aufa

    Restore XP

    I got infected by Worm & Trojan then My folder option in control panel is gone.How to restore or recover it ? I used latest AVAST. XP SP2 thank
  11. Hi ... Is it safe to have two version FIREFOX (2.0 & 3.0) in the same machine (XP Pro SP2) ? Thank n' regards
  12. I did ! n' thank you for your assist....
  13. thank ... hazelnut and what next ? is the message disappear at next boot ?
  14. hi..all please give some advice ! recently, my pc (XP Pro SP2) appears " windows file protection " message every time I start up/boot.How to disable this message ? because my CD is missing and i don't know where it is. thanks
  15. hi ...all anyone can help me?I got "windows file protection"message since last two days ago when I turned on my PC.what happened with my PC?How to solve this problem? OS:XP Pro SP2. thank for your suggestions. regards
  16. Hi all, I run CCleaner this morning and I found 218 registry issues in registry integrity section. Is is safe to delete all issues without back up the registry ? Thank for your suggestions wishes,
  17. hi....all Should I uninstall old version before install latest version (2..05) ? and is it safe to fix all selected issues in registry cleaner ? Thank for your suggestion
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