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  1. @ Icedrake thank @ Dennis true ! thats great and wonderful time for me and family.
  2. thank for the link. It will be fun and exciting for my son.
  3. thank, firery. I have a plan to visit aussie with my son next month. If don't mind, tell me best places in there.
  4. Thank you, Hazel. I visited switzerland and long stay at Dubai,UAE. I saw rapid growth tourism industry in Dubai. Very impressive !
  5. Personally I'm using NexusDock. Basically,They looks same but ND have more effects and features. If you want on the fly dock, you must buy like OD
  6. UI is very nice. sadly unsupported for XP but soon I'll try it in my new PC, off course Win7.
  7. Just wanna say that after tiring long journey and vacation to Europe and Middle East but I'm very pleased. hi all
  8. http://www.softpedia.com/get/Others/Miscellaneous/South-Africa-2010.shtml hope helps
  9. Flash player and Shockwave player are different. It seems your SW plugin corrupted.All you have to do is reinstall it. http://get.adobe.com/shockwave/ test your installation,here Opera kb good luck
  10. updated 6/13/2010 http://hosts-file.net/?s=Download
  11. more info, http://www.adobe.com/support/security/advisories/apsa10-01.html
  12. updated 6/3/2010 http://msmvps.com/blogs/hostsnews/default.aspx better late than never
  13. thank you for remind and warn, Hazel it's all about me
  14. thank to you,all problem fixed
  15. that's very annoying I followed your suggests, it still didn't work. There's must be something in registry. See the screenshot below, Now, FF is default. Let say, start Opera then pop-up prompt will show to ask as default,click yes > now Opera as default. Opera icon should be stated in start menu,right ? but it still show FF icon. Go to Start > Run > type 'www.google.com, still took me to FF not Opera. IE & Chrome get same result as Opera.
  16. I did, go to all programs > set program access and default > set another browser as default XP Pro SP3 I was trying to FF and it worked. now, FF icon stated in start menu. then I type, say 'www.google.com' and it still carried me to IE8 not FF
  17. it sounds stupid but it make me crazy, lately. Now, IE8 is my default and usually stated at top in start menu panel. I tried to change to another browser as default, let say FF but after click 'yes' (on pop-up prompt to set as default browser ) when starting FF and look at top in start menu,it still show IE8 icon not FF. I also tried to Chrome or Opera and the result is same. Go to Start > Run > type 'www.piriform.com' and it took me to IE8 opened. any idea ? last time, I run reg cleaner by Tuneup Utilities2010 and already backed up. So restore back up file of TU and still didn't work. Problem still exist. I think ,its registry related.
  18. updated 5/21/2010 http://hosts-file.net/?s=Download
  19. updated 4/23/2010 http://www.fanboy.co.nz/adblock/ better late than never
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