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  1. Dear Davey, Back againafer long absence. A system restore fixed everything. plus elimination of a wayward file from an OCR program that was mentioned in a Windows Explorer error message. However, reading some of the posts I am reluctant to use C Clean again - on the basis that if not broken, do not fix. Best Regards and thanks for your help, Robert
  2. Dear Davey, Pse forgive silence - my wireles internet conection died and I have only just recovered it. I have downloaded the Microsoft kb article and will read it - and yes, you are right I must plead guilty to having running Cclean forgetting to de-select the windows options. If you do not hear from me over the next two weeks it will be because I have a major meeting at ICAO so may be busy there. However, I much appreciate your help and will be following your advice re a new user account. I have realised that I never learnt enough to set up and manage user accounts - when we had DOS and Stacker I used to write the Config.sys and autoexec.bat files myself - but never had the time to really get to grips with Windows - just used the applications I needed! Time now to get educated again. Best Rgds, Robert
  3. You can answer my questions by answering right after the question in your reply. When you say "the nearly full window of programs has shrunk to one small list."do you mean your Desktop or what??? I meant the list following selection of Start/Programs. Previously I had a list extending over four columns. Now it has shrunk to one column that does not even reach the bottom of the screen. The Desktop icons were not affected. I use this list when I do not have the program on the desktop (there would be too many icons if I used the desktop for everything). ---------------- You can also right click on the Programs there and select Send To Desktop to put short cuts back on to your Desktop.This will not move the Program but it will create a new short cut icon on your Desktop. Try this for MS Word.Then do the same for other Programs whose short cut icons are not on your Desktop. Since Word is not one of the few remaining in Start/Programs, I cannot do this. So far I have not found the Word exe (because the search function is not working), so I get it running by clicking on an existing word ".doc" file. ---------------- Did you read and follow my Post #4 ??? You must uncheck all the Advanced options on the Windows tab in CCleaner. Did this, no change ---------------- I will look into the "Search" feature some more. Is there an option in Firefox to turn off Google search in Windows Explorer??? I will check, I think I selected it as the start page but will now select another. --------------- Has your Start Menu Most Recently Used Programs (on the left of your Start Menu after left clicking on Start) started to refill ??? It should be filling back in. If you mean the icons above the Programs item on the Start menu (there were about 5), all have gone. Of the items that appear after pressing "Start". I have the following: Shut-down (works), Run (works), Help (works), Search (NOT WORKING), Settings (works), Documents (works), Programs (as described above, BUT a program I added last night appears at the end of the list. ----------------- I hope this gives you a better picture of my problem. Many thanks, Robert
  4. Dear Davey, I removed the Google desktop but the Google search still appears instead of the normal Explorer search window. In summary, apart from this problem, the nearly full window of programs has shrunk to one small list. I can however access all via their desktop icons or via Exlorer by clicking their exe files. All programs are still listed in control Panel/add remove programs. I have Mozella Firefox and that has a Google default start page. Still in hope, Robert
  5. Dear Davey, I tried unchecking all the bxes in the "Cleaner" window and ran "cleaner", but did not see an "avanced" tab. Result was no change. All the missing programs do run (at least all those for which I can find either the exe file or a file that they created). Re the missing search panle, I attach a scren shot. fortunately I have two computers and will not run CClean on this one!!!
  6. I ran CClean for the first time. Afterwards, the Windows Explorer "Search" button brought up Google in the small window where the search criteria is normally Also, very many of my programs had gone from the Start/Programs list. However, in Control panel/add/remove programs, alll my normal programs were still listed. The program icons that were in the vertical window that opens on pressing the Start button had all gone also. However, all the program shortcuts on the desktop for programs missing from the Start/Programs list worked, also any missing programs for which I could navigate to the relevant EXE file worked. Word was a problem as I forgot where to fnd it, but clicking on any *.doc file opened it. Please, how can recover my program list and Windows Explorer search facility?
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